Karan Kendrick exemplifies the art of empathy. 

Do you ever find yourself wondering how actors and actresses are able to completely transform who they are and step into another person’s shoes, especially if the person is troubling or simply put unlikeable? Karan Kendrick, of the hit movie, The Hate U Give can be described as many things, but an actress she most certainly is, and a phenomenal one at that. Early on in her acting career, Karan was mentored by none other than the illustrious Ruby Dee. She describes a scene, where Ruby helped her to better understand how to empathize with any role she was tasked with. “[Ruby] told me something when I was in my first main stage play, nonmusical at the Alliance Theatre. The play was Saint Lucy’s Eyes by Bridgette Wimberly… My character was a woman who made life choices that I just did not understand. She made decisions I wouldn’t make in a million years. So I came into the script judging her. Ms. Dee said, ‘It’s all inside of all of us – the sinner and the saint.'”

She continues, “This approach has worked for me not only in my work but in life. You can’t enter a circumstance in judgment. Enter with understanding, love, and respect. So now that’s how I approach my work.” Karan, herself, became an instructor, after co-founding The Kendrick Academy, helping to instill her love of the arts into others.