Hair extensions continues to become a booming business with many companies offering various types of extensions from Indian Remy to Brazilian. However, with so many brands, there are some that are not of good quality. That is why we brought in ONYC Hair CEO Thelma Okoro to help you weed out bad quality hair extensions.

  1. What are some indicators of high-quality hair extensions?

    That’s a very good question! In this business of a very saturated market, that’s the question in the mind of every consumer. The search for quality hair extensions gets more difficult by day because hair quality cannot be mass produced. They (hair) are grown by actual human beings! But here are a few things to consider:

    1. One, determine the quality of the hair cuticle. Cuticle hair is referred to hair that has the cuticle intact and all cuticles are going in the same direction! The cuticle is the reason why the hair has a natural luster or shine. It is what prevents the hair from tangling. Hair that is a product of 100% cuticle hair gets better after each wash!  Some other indications include the hair quality badly changing after a few washes; it’s unable to take color processing, especially going lighter and feels heavy with lack of movement, which is due to the coating.

    2. Two, it’s difficult to separate full-cuticle hair from non-cuticle hair. To the naked eyes it often looks the same, honestly! The quality is in relation to the hair longevity; this is where you MUST invest in a reputable company with a proven record. Cuticle hair like ONYC® Hair Luxury Ultima™  may be expensive hair, but don’t be fooled with companies that claim to sell you full cuticle hair for a fraction of the cost. It’s definitely mixed with non-cuticle hair or worst, no cuticle hair at all.

  2. Which color hair extensions should a person choose?

    1. The hair color to choose mostly comes to personal preference, but from an expert stylist point of view, I would recommend consulting a color professional. With the professional, you can play with color swaps up close to your skin to make sure it compliments your skin tone and style. Just because you saw a hairstyle on Beyoncé does not mean it will look the same on you.

      Also, when matching hair extensions especially Partial Weaves , Clip-ins  and Tip extensions , PLEASE make sure to match your extensions with the end (tip) of your hair which is what blends with the extensions, not the root. The root tends to look darker so it will give away your secret.

  1. What products should be used to care for extensions?

    1. As the owner of a very established and reputable hair extension company, this is one the frequent questions we receive. I am still surprised with it because there is NO special product to use for extensions, especially quality cuticle hair! Treat it like your natural hair and use products recommended for that hair type. For instance, if you buy natural Kinky Curly hair extensions like ONYC® popular Kinky 3B-3C™ Hair, use products meant for natural Kinky Curly Hair like deep moisturizing conditioner. If your extension is silky straight hair, use products meant for that hair type like a mild leave in conditioner. There is no one size fit all when it comes to natural cuticle hair extensions!

  2. How can one determine the right styling method for their extensions?

    1. Styling hair extensions for some is a learning curve, especially for new wearers. It is important to do a thorough consultation with your stylist. There are many types of hair extension installation method so discuss with your stylist on the pros and cons of your intending method.
      Some key points to note:
      1) Do not leave your extensions installed for too long to avoid matting and losing your natural hair. Give your real hair a moment!
      2) The hair is not your natural hair so apply TLC like holding onto the root while combing, brushing, detangling and washing the extensions.
      3) Do not install your hair extension too full as it will cause excessive matting, tangling and lack of movement. Hair extensions need space for proper air distribution which comes naturally with your natural hair.

  3. Are there any other tips you can provide for a person who is looking for extensions?

    1. There are generally two types of hair extension wearers, the casual and necessity wearer. Those that wear it once in a while just for fun are casual wearers, while those that wear it as a necessity for most of the time are necessity wearers. If you are a casual wearer, it might not matter as much if you can head to your neighborhood beauty supply store and grab some fun clip-ins. The battle is mostly for the people that wear is all of the time. In this case, making sure your texture and color matches, which is very important.

    2. If you are unsure getting your right texture and hair pattern, look into ordering a ONYC® Hair Sample to make sure it matches to what you want.

    3. Research, research and research for a reliable expert that you can order the best hair extensions from.

    4. Also, an unqualified hairstylist can make your investment to look like you paid a cent on that hair.

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