For months I have patiently waited for this moment right here. I have contained my excitement, and also got an ample amount of sleep to prepare myself.  What deserves that much anticipation?


oitnb premiere

That’s right, Netflix’s original award-winning series, Orange Is The New Black, is finally here! On June 17, it is time to go back to Litchfield Prison for a season filled with new drama, comedy, and tears.


At the end of last season, Litchfield was transitioning into being a for-profit institution, which brought in new guards and new inmates (Martha Stewart being one). The ladies must adjust to the new system, and some even battle being placed lower on the food chain. It also looks like Chapman may have a few new rivals. What’s in store for Litchfield this season? Check out the full-length trailer below.

What are you looking forward to this season? Comment below.