Known for its wide range of healthy hair styling and maintenance solutions, ORS Olive Oil products feature Nourishing Olive Oil and are now infused with a range of nutrient-rich, Power-Packed Oils such as Sweet Almond Oil for strengthening and Coconut Oil for restorative shine.

The refresh comes at a time when ORS™ aims to push its continued commitment to excellence and innovation by offering updates that further enhance the consumer experience. “We’re continually engaging with our consumers to make sure we’re meeting their needs, and they’ve told us that they’re ready for more from their trusted Olive Oil products. This insight was the starting point for our refresh, which we’re excited to bring to life.  We enhanced our products with additional ingredients that provide more moisture, more strength and more shine and we’ve updated our packaging,” says Nicole Ray Robinson, Category Marketing Head at Namaste Laboratories.

A fresh, new look calls for new products, right? Find out more about the new ORS Olive Oil  Edge Control and Nourishing Sheen Spray.

We sat down with Jacqueline Tarrant, owner of The Natural Hair Bar in Chicago and member of the styling team of ORS Olive Oil. In this exclusive interview, Tarrant shares the hottest trends and styles for the 2018 spring season and gives us insight on enhanced products that guarantee moisture, strength, and shine throughout the day! Find out how you can enter for a chance to win ORS Olive Oil products by reading on!

Can you tell our readers about yourself? How did you get to become a part of the style team for ORS?
My name is Jacqueline Tarrant and I have a salon based in downtown Chicago, called The Natural Hair Bar. I’m really excited to be apart of the team because I definitely love the product rendering that we are able to use to get the hair healthy and keep it healthy with style.

What tips do you have for our readers on maintaining their hair in the spring?

For maintaining hair in the spring, the number one thing of course is style because that is the finished result but you definitely want to keep in mind that you should keep your hair moisturized and prepare it with healthy ingredients because that is the foundation for style. With that being said, the main tips that people are interested in are the styles that are easier to achieve, that have longevity, and what will make you look and feel great about yourself.

The ingredients are an important factor in the NEW ORS Olive Oil products. Could you tell us about the new products and how each of them can be used?

One of my favorite is the ORS Olive Oil Edge control which is now infused with sweet almond oil.” This is something that a woman may use every day if need be, if she’s wearing her hair down, up in a protective style, a braided look, or even a hair extension. The Edge Control is something that really allows the edges to have a polished and finished look. The ingredients that make it so great is the sweet almond oil. Edges are key because that is what frames your face. A lot of times, there are issues with the edges because sometimes edges don’t grow as well. A good strengthening product like the ORS Olive Oil Edge Control means that your edges can look great all while strengthening them and keeping them healthy in the process.

Lastly, could you tell us about hair trends that are in for the spring season this year?

Some of the trends we are seeing are styles that you are able to manipulate your curl. Styling tools such as the flexy rod or a perm rod gives a nice, curly, voluminous look. Protective styles are also in this spring. They are styles that are low maintenance. It could be a weave, a wig, a braided style, what makes these styles really great is the products you use. The two that I like to use are The ORS Olive Oil Edge control and The ORS Olive Olive Nourishing Sheen Spray Enhanced with Coconut Oil. The edge control will keep your frontal hair and edges around the hair line and neckline looking great while being protected, strong, and healthy.

The ORS Olive Olive Nourishing Sheen Spray Enhanced with Coconut Oil. The sheen spray will give hair moisture and hydrate it without being heavy because it is a light weight spray can be used on all styles. The spray provides the perfect finish for any look you want to achieve. It contains olive oil and is very lightweight, it even has coconut oil as well! By using this product, you are hydrating your hair continuously through the day because hair is always pulling moisture wherever it can get it from. The olive oil in this product gives a nice shine without it looking or feeling greasy all while nourishing the hair and giving it a great finished look!

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All images provided by ORS Olive Oil