Allow us to introduction your newest fashion obsession. Taylor Jay Collection is an empowering brand that makes women feel beautiful. Their eco-friendly fashion basics adapt to women of different sizes. Their versatile pieces easily go from one range to the next. What and how?! Find out in our exclusive interview with the founder of Taylor Jay Collection below!

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Taylor, I am a women’s contemporary fashion designer located in Oakland, California. I’ve been in fashion for about 13 years, I started off as a boutique owner. In 2015, I began designing full-time.

What inspired the creation of Taylor Jay Collection?

I was inspired to create Taylor Jay Collection by the need of clothing that would work with my body and the different changes it goes through. When I first started Taylor Jay in 2013, I went through a crazy weight gain. I went from a size 2 to a size 12 within months. My body changed pretty quickly and I thought to myself that there needed to be clothing that can work with people throughout all the different body changes. Before I started the line, I created a dress that had a nice layering affect for smaller woman, would look great on curvy women, and even accommodate pregnant women. When I started to present those looks within my boutique, my customers really received it well. It was really popular so I wanted to expand.

How do you want your customers to feel when wearing items of Taylor Jay Collection?

It’s definitely an empowering brand. We strive to empower women with beautiful and comfortable fashion basics that can adapt to their lifestyle easily. I would say the main feeling that we hope for every woman to experience in Taylor Jay is to feel comfortable, beautiful, and free within. We’re really known for comfort, I think when you’re comfortable, it changes and sets the tone for a lot of different things in your life. I would say that is our main priority.

Where do you find the inspiration when creating the campaigns for Taylor Jay Collection?

Our latest campaign is called the Kotton Collection. It is our Fall/Winter line and the vibe is a little different for us. She is kind of like the girl around town that gets dressed up to stand out in the crowd. I would say our most common goal when we launch any campaign is to attract an audience of women that are looking for clothing that can become their lifestyle; it can easily blend with their life. We base our campaigns off of women who travel, mothers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and the different lifestyles people have and their needs in their clothing.

What can we expect to see from Taylor Jay in the future?

When we first started Taylor Jay it was pretty much black, navy, grey; easy, comfortable basics that is interchangeable within the brand. For example, the wrap skirts go with the crop tops or the mini skirts go with the crop. After sometime, we started to add a little more color into that. With that, we fell into the category of eco-friendly, sustainable fashion. That is our new goal, we want to take our fashion basics to an elevated level and also create an inclusive vibe within our brand. We want women of all sizes to feel comfortable. We hope to be a big household name across the globe. We want to provide them with clothing they can enjoy for a lifetime, something you always keep in your closet, and you want to share with your favorite girlfriends.

We have a goal to have three flagship stores across the states ad also create programs and opportunities that introduce the inner youth to fashion. We would like to have programs that introduce opportunities in fashion for underprivileged youth.

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