Everyday, especially now during holiday season, Lebrina Johnson is making sure women around the world remember the importance of self-love. During this time, women and mothers around the world forget and underestimate the importance of taking the time to treat and love yourself. In addition to all that, Johnson recently kicked off her 12 Ways of Giving Campaign. Of course, we had to get all the details. Check out our exclusive interview with Lebrina Johnson below!

Tell us a little about yourself. What inspired the creation of Pure Vichy Spa | River Oaks?

Well, I’m originally from Houston, Texas. Growing up, I always knew that I would be a leader in some capacity, I just didn’t know my life would go in the direction that it went in so soon. In school, I studied biology because I wanted to be a cosmetic dentist. Right after starting college, I ended up finding out that I was pregnant with my son, he is now ten-years-old. I pretty much had a lot of challenges. I was trying to fight through those challenges to just figure out life. My support system as far as family was not as strong at the time so I didn’t know which direction to go with a young kid. I just wanted to make something of myself in the world. The struggle was a lot harder for you when there is no blue print and no clear direction. The people that you idolize so much, most of the time are the people that are not in reach to ask questions.

Going forward, I started in the beauty industry when I dropped out of college. It was too much of a struggle being away from home with an infant. I tried for a while but that institution was cutthroat with no money or babysitter. I went back home and I went into the industry by tapping into the virgin hair market. That is what fueled my entrepreneur spirit and led me on the path of opening a hair salon. My hair salon was in the heart of the ghetto because thats where you know you’ll get a cheap price for rent and its easy to get people to come in. I started building and I began serving people from all over Houston. After that, the salon became a full-service salon and spa, eight years later. I jumped out there because a spa had always been my dream. I jumped into it head first, traveling the world to learn about different spas. I did hair to pay the bills because it is sort of in my DNA but my passion and dream was always in self-care and spa. I traded in a diamond necklace for extra money for the spa and started from the bottom. It was something I knew nothing about but something I always wanted to do. Recently, I extended my spa to salon and spa un August of this year in a prominent area in Houston.

Why is self-care so important to you?

Self-care is important to me because as a mother and entrepreneur, I can relate to the time constraints that come along with a busy schedule. The time that I take to go get a facial, go to the salon, or treat myself helps me detox. It helps me find a love for myself that I didn’t even know I had, just through wellness. It is essential to my well-being and one of the reasons I wanted to upgrade my salon because I wanted to create an environment where people come and take a break to forget about their life challenges. There will always be challenges in life however your mental state will determine how you respond to those stresses. 

With the holiday season upon us, what advice would you give to mothers that underestimate the importance of self-care?

We’re women, mothers, and sometimes I would say that we carry the weight of the world. Sometimes we carry extra baggage. Over time, the extra baggage can begin to weigh you down. I think that it’s importance even for just a small amount of time where you put the world on hold to take care of yourself. You can’t give to anyone else if you don’t have anything to give towards yourself.

Tell us about the 12 Ways of Giving campaign.

I get excited this time of the year. I feel like I have a lot of great things in my life so I get excited to give back. The 12 Ways of Giving Campaign is a pop up for women at local shelters and breast cancer survivors. Many organizations work together to give gifts to kids as well as clothing. While I recognize these items as essentials, I would want to provide women with the relief from the life challenges they’re facing. I’m an advocate for women because I too have faced challenges in life and I can relate to the importance of self-care. Last year, I launched a campaign to give away $10,00 to deserving women nominated by various local Houston charities. This year, I wanted to provide a more intimate experience for those who may be carrying a heavier burden than others because of an unfortunate hand they have been dealt.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I’m really excited about 2020. Clear vision, I just like the number 2020. I’m looking forward to announcing my new location details. We’re still scouting so stay tuned for that!

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All photos by Jaio Photography