It’s not my MAC Makeup, but it still works wonders!

This morning I made the choice (or SHEEN made the choice for me) to try Oxygentix Ebony foundation and moisturizer. Oxygentix line of foundations and moisturizers are not only compact in stature, but also compact in application meaning it only required a small dab for desired full coverage.

When I applied my makeup this morning I started with the moisturizer. The directions suggest the use of fingertips to smooth over your face, but I used a makeup brush. (Sorry Oxygenetix, some habits are just hard to break.) Immediately after applying the moisturizer, I felt a little more energized and my skin felt relaxed and fresh. Next came the foundation, for this I used my palm and a clean brush and I began creating small dabs around the circumference of my face. The foundation upon impact was very light and it blended extremely well with my skin tone.

Much like its label attests to, Oxygenetix does offer products with a “breathable formula.” Around lunchtime I was waiting to see if I would need to take an “afternoon reapply break.” Fortunately for me, I have been sitting at my desk now for over 8 hours and my skin still looks similar to this morning’s application. The only downside to Oxygenetix, like most makeup products, are finger smudges on your hand from touching your face. Luckily, there’s an easy solution for that. Avoid touching your skin and let it continue to look flawless and radiant.