P Diddy’s Legacy Inspires Son Christian Combs

Unless you been living under a rock for the past 20 plus years you know the Hip Hop Mogul P Diddy and how much he has shifted the culture. His son Christian Combs is also an artist which he performed at Essence Festival for the first time this year at their 25th anniversary festival and the Essence After Dark concert.

Combs says that his father always told him that nothing comes easy and that you have to work for success. Most people would assume that Diddy would have a heavy hand in Combs music, but according to his son, he doesn’t have any involvement when it comes to his music. “All the features I got was on my own, he didn’t help me with any of those” Combs stated. Combs says he listens to his dad’s opinions when it comes to the music, but he does everything else on his own.

Combs might be very young but he is quite the businessman like his pops from doing music and being a signed model.

Check out the full interview below:


Featured Image obtained on Christian Combs’ official Instagram