Okay, we all have that candle lover in our life, you know the one. Their bathroom always smells divine. You’ve had to tell them multiple times that driving with a lit candle isn’t normal. And when the power goes out, their home is the only one on the block still shining, or if you live in an apartment, you know that as long as you survive the creepy walk down the emergency light lit hall, all you have to do is knock, and they’ll hand over a spare (since they have like fifty all over the place).

You love the candle lover in your life dearly, but every time a birthday or the holiday season comes around, you feel intimidated. I mean, you know they’ll want a candle, but what type of candle do you buy for a candle lover? It’s like buying an outfit for your fav fashionista bestie. Or a car for the owner of a dealership (like I’ll ever have that kind of money). But is it even worth it? I mean is there any chance the expert candle lover in your life will enjoy the candle you buy for them? Well, SHEEN has the solution, the answer to your candle gifting woes. So toss your fear aside and check out these incredible candles from Paddywax!


The combination of the American west design and clean scent, such Bergamot & Fig or Wildflower & Birch, is sure to please your near and dear aesthetically inclined candle lover.


The shimmering glossy finish of the holder will capture any eye but seems perfect for the candle loving millennial in your life, and currently the Balsam & Eucalyptus (what a perfect combo) scent is on sale!


These candles are actually held in a beautiful wooden box and feature lovely scents, such as Redwood & Amber or Driftwood & Indigo, which will certainly impress the naturalista candle lover in your life. At only $20, you can buy one for yourself as well.


For the environmentally friendly candle lover, the Eco’s dark green vessel is made with recycled glass, which can be repurposed really as anything you can come up with, like a lovely pen holder, maybe a coffee cup, or how about a place to keep those pesky car keys.


Perfect for the artistic candle lover, the symmetrical patterns, along with the various arrays of color will please anyone with trained eye for beauty design.

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All images obtained on Paddywax’s official website