What’s not to love about Dr. Marsie Ross!? She is a woman on a mission to help all women LIVE their best life—the healthy way! Her life’s mission is definitely making major impact worldwide! Come go this journey with me as we get to know this phenomenal doctor!

Who is Dr. Marsie Ross at her core?

This is a wonderful question, I think we should all pose to ourselves on the regular! What is most defining for me is that I am a person of integrity. A person who at her core wants to help people. It could be something small like tell a woman she has lipstick on her teeth or big like developing products that help women thrive and live life full of energy! At my core, I am a servant and a cheerful giver. That has guided me personally and professionally. As a clinical pharmacist, I am a member of a highly trusted profession that serves its customers and community selflessly. 

Why are you so passionate about helping others get healthy?

Womens health is my jam! I call women the “mad hatters” because we wear so many darn hats! The professional hat, the wife or girlfriend hat, the mama hat, and many more! Being a nurturer is natural for women so I’m not saying not to wear our hats, I simply help women put on their self care hat FIRST! I too am a mad hatter and I see myself in these women. I remember a time when I was so focused on being perfect and trying to control all the moving parts in my life that I lost the one thing I cherished the most, me. As a professional woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister and best friend I know how hard it is to find time for yourself. My health and happiness were on a downward spiral until I drew the line in the sand. The journey to my own self-love has been liberating and I want to help other women who want to free themselves from the burden of perfection. Self-love and self-care is very different from self-esteem. For most women living over scheduled and under high demand from life it is critical to understand that in order to live her best life she must have self care with intention!

Tell us about your businesses?

Being a female entrepreneur is hard work! Anyone who says it’s easy is lying! But anyone who says it’s worth it is telling the truth! I love my company and what it stands for. EdLyn Essentials, LLC is all about helping women strive for health with the same earnest many strive for beauty. Our motto is “Healthy is the New Beautiful.” Edlyn allows me to put on my women’s healthy life crusader hat on with my clinical pharmacist hat! Our products are developed using the highest quality of vitamins, mineral, herbal complexes and plant based ingredients to give women a daily multi nutrient and three amazing detoxes and cleanses. We believe nutrition, fitness & supplements will bring the great trifecta of balance, strength and longevity. 

  • Our Edlyn Blog is all about giving women quick and practical tools to help them live their best lives. Our philosophy is that nutrition, fitness and supplements will bring the great trifecta of balance, strength and longevity! Subscribe on our website TODAY!
  • I love meeting women where they are and that’s why I created a Wellness Wednesday with Dr. Marsie Ross. It is a weekly Facebook live broadcast that airs for 15 minutes. Topics range from nutrition to mammograms to intimacy after 40 to skin and make up for women on the go! My guests share real and useful tips for the ever busy and on the go women!
  • Her Life Matter is a local television show that will highlight women entrepreneurs who have products or services that help women live our very best lives. Too often big companies market to women but they have no clue what really matters to us! Her Life Matters will show the world that are more than a hashtag! 

Where do you see yourself in the next two years? Five years?

I see the EdLyn Essential brand helping corporations create a healthy workplace environment. I also see myself as a published author and expert on corporate wellness and women’s health. I want to speak for all things women’s health and wholeness and be a mentor and giver back of knowledge and experience that elevates the women in business platform. Lastly, I see myself as a host of a women’s workshop series.

What’s next for Marsie personally? 

My goal is to continue to love and nurture myself with patience and grace. As a perfectionist, I have to constantly congratulate myself for stepping away to take care of myself without guilt or apology. As a wife, mother, sister and daughter I seek to find balance to nurture these core relationships. I have been listening to the Bible on podcast and my spirit is constantly helping me surrender to God’s timing and I am forever grateful for God’s grace and mercy with my shortcomings so I will continue to work on this aspect of my life as it is the center of all things for me. 

What advice would you give to that person who’s business is not doing so great and wants to give up?

I would suggest starting a journal. List all of the reasons you started your business and include your biggest “wish list” for what that business brings to the world and read it once a week!  Record a message of yourself as your “success” self and play it whenever you need encouragement. Step away for the day but don’t walk away from your vision.


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