Ready set Pamper! Ladies what better than time than now to pay extra close attention to your skin. Its winter time and its time to treat your body right just time for spring. Relaxing after a long day of work in a warm bath filled it calming aromas should the perfect ending of any day or beginning of any night. In order for your skin to be it’s very best, you must first start with how you care for it and it all starts with how you cleanse it. Now is the time to re-think your bath! Many women avoid taking an old-fashioned bath soaking and head straight for the quick shower instead. While showers may be less time consuming than a bath, a bath provides must more health benefits such as:

  • Helping to Balance your hormone
  • Allows clear time for meditation
  • Relaxes your joints and muscles
  • Burns Calories
  • Helps you to sleep easier

Makes you want to go start running the bath water right now. The skin is the largest organ in the body and it’s also the most fragile. With Spring and Summer just around the corner, that means that heat and sunshine are on the way. You want your skin to glow and have the exact amount of moisture to avoid dryness. Created by Selena Dione, for her daughter Jada who has had severe eczema since of the age of two years old and who also serves as the Chief Marketing Officer, Rethink your Bathe is challenging women to return to the days of taking a bath. Upon doing research, Dione wanted to create a natural based product to help her daughter’s skin condition that did not contain elements of steroids and other unhealthy elements for such a young child. After trying and creating different remedies and blends she created one that worked and called it; “Jada’s Magical Blend,” which contains coconut oil and turmeric which both help to moisturize and minimizes inflammations and irritation.

With the success of “Jada’s Magical Blend,” Selena created additional products for women to enhance the experience of bathing in the bathtub. She says; “I have been able to keep my daughter’s eczema under control because of the baths and blends that I have created. Showers have been known to dry out the skin because of the lack of benefits that showers offer unless you are taking a cold shower. No one wants to take a cold shower, however, it’s what is beneficial to the human body but it’s not pleasing.” Dione has created Bathe Teas which creates an atmosphere of Zen which sweet aromas and softness, as its time sit back and relax, spring cleaning starts with the soul. So ladies grab your towels and turn on the tunes, let’s Rethink the Bathe!

Pampering time (Recipe for The Working Girl)

  1. Pour a nice glass of wine and decompress your mind. (You have had a long day and you deserve rest and relaxation)
  2. After the decompression phase is over its time to light your candles, start running the bath water and pour in Blush Bath Tea ($9.99 at (Blush Bathe Tea is filled with English Rose Oils which helps to calm your spirit and take you to a place of Zen). For those who want to enjoy a detoxing experience, the Detoxify Blend would be the best Tea Bath for you. (This blend contains activated charcoal which helps remove all skin toxins)
  3. Soak in the Tea Bath for about 30 minutes while listening to all the great R&B hits from the past.
  4. After the 30 minutes soak is done its time to pat dry and care for your face with a cleanser and Bathe Face Serum ($8.99 at which helps prevent early wrinkles, under eye fluffiness and anti-aging.

All Images Courtesy of Rethink your Bathe