I recently sat down with YouTube’s very own, Passion Jonesz and I’d be lying if I said she didn’t instantly leave a mark on me. Almost ten years go, while in high school, Passion was often admired for her looks but it was also her body that people seemed to attach to that compliment. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, why and those two things don’t even correlate? Well as strong and beautiful as she is, Passion decided to do something about it and break down barriers by creating a YouTube channel which would allow other people that felt like her to come together. Check out our exclusive interview with Passion below!

Do you mind telling our readers a little about yourself? What inspired you to create your fashion and beauty channel?

Well, it was back in 2009 when I was still in high school. I would always dress up but I was bigger than everyone. I saw on YouTube that people were showing themselves online and this was when YouTube started getting really popular. I realized that I could do it too. I wanted to show who I am and inspire other women that look like me because I was always “pretty for a big girl,” I was always hearing that. If I’m pretty, I’m pretty. You don’t say that. I wanted to show that you could be yourself and you can be beautiful at any size. We exist, we are here and we love makeup and fashion just like everyone else. That was my main point signing up to do this on YouTube. I thought it would reach a lot of women like myself.

Its obvious that you inspire many people on your channel. How were you able to get comfortable on the online world to share your life on the internet?

It took me years to be comfortable online, actually I’m still trying to get comfortable. I’m just so comfortable with the idea of having other people be themselves. I’m still a little uncomfortable sharing little aspects of my life like my children and husband because that is personal but when I put myself out there, I feel like I’m reaching a broader spectrum of people. That is what makes me comfortable on social media and on YouTube. 

You’ve shared your weight loss journey on your channel as well, can you tell us about your experience?

It was a huge transition, even just to announce my weight loss journey. When I first got on YouTube, I was actually smaller than when I actually got a bigger audience. People began to find out about me when I was a lot bigger. All of that weight gain was from having children and getting caught up in my lifestyle. I wasn’t paying attention to what I ate. I finally made the decision to lose weight because I came to the realization that I put on too much weight. It was a huge transition to let my followers know this because there was a miscommunication that occurred. I was trying to let women know that you can be yourself but some people took it as me going back on trying to stay plus size. That was my tagline when I was saying, “Stay plus size, stay beautiful” at the end. There was a huge miscommunication there so I had to end up changing it to “Stay body positive.”

Going into this weight loss and health journey, it has become bigger than when it was when I first started. Now I’m with everyone, me losing weight kind of made things teeter a little bit but I ended up changing people’s minds and their thoughts on weight loss and body positivity. That was a huge step for me to take. I just wanted to be honest with my health. You  can still be who you are and still love yourself because I always explain, you  can be 300 pounds and still be healthy and beautiful. That is still my mission to let people know that they can still be themselves no matter what decisions they make in their lives.

Sheen Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide for the Modern Day Woman, can you share with us your holy grail products?

I have at least four that I use every time I do my makeup. It has to be the L.A. Girl Concealer, everybody loves it and it’s amazing. I always do my eyebrows with it. The Urban Decay All Nighter Spray, I’m always using it to finish my makeup whether it is a light or heavy look. That setting spray is everything. I also use this beauty supply lip gloss, it’s by NK, it makes your lips shine like crazy. The last product is actually a product that I ended up making over the summer. It is called the Body Glow Oil and its from my brand, Glownistas. Hopefully it will launch in the new year. I absolutely love it, it makes your skin look gorgeous.

What are your favorite clothing brands?

Well first it has to be Fashion Nova. Fashion Nova has me tied to them (laughs). Every time I go on Fashion Nova, there are just so many clothes and shoes; everything is right there. I also love to shop ASOS, Forever21, I love Charlotte Russe because they have great sales. I love to go on UrbanOG, they have great shoes and they also have clothes as well. BooHoo is another great place to shop because they always have 50% off. I love fashion because you can change up your look any day of the week and turn into any person you want to, it’s just very fun for me.

What was your initial mission when you started your channel and do you believe you have accomplished that goal?

I want to know to love themselves no matter who you are. I feel like I have accomplished that because I feel like if I have at least reached one person, I have accomplished that goal. It is very hard to change your mind about something, especially if it is a societal thought . Some people may say, “Being big is not pretty,” I’m here to say it is pretty, and it is gorgeous to be bigger than a size 0. That takes a lot of courage and bravery so I do feel like I have reached that goal.

What can we expect to see from Passion in the future?

I don’t know (laughs). My main goal is to continue to reach more people. I love that there are so many people out there that I can speak to and inspire. Hopefully in 2019, my makeup line is relaunched, I’m looking forward to that. Anything else that comes my way that is meant to be! Those are my two main goals right now, I want to reach more people and get my makeup line up and running in the new year.

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