In today’s society, love and dating has become difficult to understand. From becoming a better dater to keeping Christ in the center of relationships, Pastor Terrance Johnson (Pastor J) and Lady Torsha Johnson (Lady J) have created a movement to help answer several of the questions people may have dealing with relationships. This February, the Johnson’s released their book, The Answers, based on their personal experiences and struggles. It is their goal to live by example, and to influence today’s generation to learn about the value of marriage.

In a world that is media driven, love and marriage have become devalued through media influence and platforms. More and more people are uneducated about relationships and are more likely to mimic what they see. In their new book The Answer, Pastor and Lady J dive into the pit of what it takes to have a successful relationship in today’s society.

“We’re trying to remind today’s generation and the generations to come that Jesus is the answer. We look at relationships like mayonnaise. The properties in mayonnaise are oil and water, but it is together in the jar. The only way oil and water can be together is through an emulsifier; which is an egg. Egg brings these two properties together. In this case, man and woman are different, but in order to come together, we need the answer, which is Jesus, to be the emulsifier,” said Pastor J.


Growing up, it was normal to see grandparents stick together even if they had complications within their marriage. Today, it has become normal to see a marriage last for a short amount of years and that may have a lot to do with people following world views opposed to the word of God.

“Some days you get the world view where it’s okay to get out, and then you go to church and see the same thing. It is important to understand that marriage is not a contract, but a covenant between a man, a woman, and God. It’s hard for a judge to undo what God has done,” said Pastor J.

The lack of communication is one of the leading causes for a failed relationship. In a ‘Netflix and Chill’ generation, many people spend less time really getting to know whom they are involved with. It is important to ask important questions on views, beliefs, and perceptions in life. Whether you are in a relationship or in your waiting season, it is important to purposefully date. Below are the four phases to dating according to Pastor and Lady J:

  1. Friendship Phase: Spend time being a good friend to the person instead of rushing into a relationship.
  2. Courtship Phase: Ask questions concerning value for a connection to potentially yoke up with that person. Such as, ‘what are your views on God’s word’ and ‘what are your future plans/goals’.
  3. Engagement Phase: Commit yourself to that person.
  4. Marriage Phase

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