Real life domestic violence survivor and now motivational speaker, Nikki Payne talks love, loss, and pressing forward.

On August 20, 2007, Atlanta native, Nikki Payne’s life was drastically changed and now, over ten years later, she’s been focused on getting back to herself and helping other gain the motivation to press forward.

Her story…

I’m the girl you grew up with, just a normal girl. So, then I met this man. At the time I was financially struggling as a single mother with a son and he was everything on my list that I’ve prayed to God for. He didn’t date just me, he dated my son. We were in relationship, we were in love. And then, I became pregnant with our daughter. We went to Las Vegas, got married, and when we came back, he said, “The house that you live in is cool but I want to give you another house.” He built me a beautiful, two story house with five bedrooms in a beautiful subdivision. I’m from the west side of Atlanta, I had never seen or known about neighborhoods like this. I was in this great relationship.

Then it started to change…


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