Everything in life has a season; nature, relationships, locations and careers as well. When those seasons change, it is time for you to change also. Sheri Riley, Author and Life Strategist, knows all too well about changing seasons and closing chapters. At a young age, she set a goal to work for a record company in Atlanta. After graduating college, Riley began marketing for singer Gerald Levert in Cleveland, Ohio. Her colleagues knew her desire to work with a record company in Atlanta, so when news surfaced that L.A. Reid was looking for a Product Manager, they recommended her. What started as a screening interview with LaFace Records resulted in a job offer the following day. She was no longer in her small hometown of Richmond, Kentucky, but well on her way to witnessing her dreams come to fruition.

Riley became the Senior Director of Marketing at LaFace Records within three years, but at the end of those three years, she knew her season was up. She took a leap and left to begin her own company called GLUE. GLUE was a strategic consulting firm where she not only worked with artists, but corporations as well. During the 17 years that GLUE was open for business, Riley also pursued another goal of becoming a life strategist.
All of her changes in life lead her to this point. Her book, Exponential Living: Stop Spending 100% of Your Time on 10% of Who You Are, is way more than a self-help book. It is built on personal experiences and methods she uses to help her clients live exponentially.
“I live this life,” says Riley. “I live it because I need it. I need these principles and I’ve lived a highly successful, or what has looked like success, and had no peace and I’ve been in times when I didn’t know how I was going to survive and had peace.”
Wait, what exactly is living exponentially? It is a lifestyle pursuing peace, choosing clarity and living courageously. Riley gives readers nine principles to guide them during their pursuit. But where did she get these principles from? How can readers be sure these are the principles that will garner results?
“Those principles were divinely given to me and I’ve had those principles way before I’ve had the content in the book.” Says Riley.
As a woman of faith, she gives God all of the recognition for her success in life. Leaving LaFace and jumping into her own business only to leave her baby and become more involved as an Author and Life Strategist, it was her faith that allowed her to take those risks and make investments in her life that are sure to bear fruit for years to come. One of the principles she mentions in her book is Happy is a Choice, Joy is a Lifestyle. Riley believes that being happy is triggered by external things, while joy is based on what happens internally. It is what fuels an exponential lifestyle and what is needed to deal with any and everything people experience. Experiences like not being happy with your current situation or career. Riley doesn’t believe a work-life balance exists. It gives you the false belief that you can be in multiple places in a realistic time frame when in all actuality, life doesn’t play out that way. Riley believes the real answer is to integrate and outline exactly what you are trying to accomplish in that instance.
A sure sign that you are not at peace, or feeling joyous for that matter, is anxiety.
“…one of the things that I say to people is that if you are constantly filled with anxiety, “ says Riley. “if you’re always feeling overwhelmed in a negative way, if you are always feeling busy, but you’re not productive, if you are so worried about tomorrow and upset about yesterday. Those are some commonalities that we can recognize that the lack of peace is prevalent…”
Riley wants to help readers find that peace in life and redefine success. Readers will be sure to walk away with not just a transaction, but a transformation. She is giving away tools to ensure readers can find peace, choose clarity and live courageously. For those still in doubt, buy the book and be proven wrong. Riley says that peace is possible. Peace is our power and peace is the new success. Are you ready to live exponentially?
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Photo credit: Marie Thomas Photography