For those of us that have sworn off heels this summer: you will be happy to know that we can still have our height without sacrifice. Platforms or wedges on most shoe designer websites aren’t anything new but have come along way since our parents wore them in the seventies as a part of the fashion trend. Back then, men and women wore platforms to reach those tall heights. Today, we still want the style and comfort that the added thick-heeled support gives but with a little more “wow” factor than our moms were use to.

We’ve done the work for you this spring, identifying the most gorgeous platforms on the market and a fashion history lesson as an added bonus.

Historically, no other designer has put platforms on the map more than Italian designer, Salvatore Ferragamo who patented the universally used cork wedge material and form. You can’t have a conversation about shoes and not include an Italian designer; it’s like wearing heels without the heel.
These shoes (below) provide such inspiration in their design and out of this world creativity in structure. They’ll make you want to dance.

Renaissance sandal


This model was created by Salvatore Ferragamo in 1938 and was inspired by the chopines worn during the Renaissance.


Rainbow sandal

Actress Judy Garland sported the rainbow suede sandal that captivated fans of Salvatore’s all over the world. This eccentric footwear is far from the simple and linear shapes of the ’40s, which illustrates Ferragamo’s creative capacity to combine design and colors.


This shoe, which is displayed in Gucci’s new ad, drew my attention. It made such a bold statement, without saying much, as most of Gucci’s new designs do.

Metallic leather platform espadrille for $ 595




Beautiful inside and out, designer Stella Maze has captured my heart with her new blue-bottomed heels. Her heels are super comfy and her designs are always rare and classic. The Stella Hues collection by designer Stella Maze, fuses authentic Italian tradition with the exotic luxuries of the Virgin Islands, a nod to classic British influence. Inspired by the mystical, translucent blues of the Caribbean waters, each shoe is finished with a patented hue of blue on the inner and outer sole.  Handcrafted in Italy, the label represents class, edge and sophistication for those who fancy quality.




Gold Metallic Nappa Leather Accent

Take your shoe style to new heights with this alluring peep toe court sandal. Features a slim high heel and metallic detailing along the platform.


Michael Kors seems to have influence in everything. Kors is known for his classic neutrals, however he does add splashes of color with the tinted orange and variations of caramel. These shoes are modestly priced at $130 on the website.



I’ve fallen in love with this brand and their rise in the industry. The shoes are super cute for whether you’re young and old and you can’t beat the prices. You may come across other women in the same shoe, but these shoes will last for years. Here are some of my favorites from their website.



MONARCHS – BLUE NIGHTS in the hint of Grey also for $55.00



I came across this designer and was drawn to the construction of this wood-grain heel. It’s intricacy and originality was intoxicating. You’ll feel the same way as you browse the website, where it’s clear that this designer is an architect. We love that about this brand.

Fiore – Hand Burnished Leather Wooden Wedge Sandals priced at $98.00

The wood-grain heel and the soft jute lining add warm weather elements to this style while the walkable wedge blends fashion and function. The hand-burnished finish on the raw leather edges and the rivet detailing make these one-of-a-kind. Found at the website


Flaunt – Distressed Suede Wedge Booties priced at $148.00

Layers of distressed suede envelope the foot to create the modern and chic silhouette of these peep-toed wedge booties. The edgy metal studs create contrast and a traditional jute base make them fun to style with both casual and dressy pieces.


Killing the game with original platform designs this season, Stella McCartney’s shoe collection is sending the fashion industry in the “platformed” direction. The wedges are the most original that I’ve seen with unconventional materials instead of the regular chalkboard heels. She combines several layers of heel and shoe that make these most intriguing.

White Elyse Cut-Out Shoes priced at $995

Alter Nappa Oxford-style shoes in white with cutout detail along the sides and heel

Featuring a sustainable wood platform wedge with a contrasting white chunky rubber saw-edge sole. The wood used in these shoes comes from a certified sustainable source, part of the brands ongoing commitment to animal friendly and eco-conscious fashion.