St. Louis rapper, Chingy hit the music scene hard in 2003 with his debut album Jackpot going platinum and producing several standout hit singles such as, “Right Thurr,” “Holidae In, ft. Snoop Dogg, & Ludacris” “One Call Away, ft. Jason Weaver” and “Pullin’ Me Back, ft. Tyrese.”

Born Howard Bailey Jr, he brought  vibrant colorful sounds and lyrics to the music scene that you could relate to. Chingy grew up in the Walnut Park section of St. Louis, a neighborhood he has referred to as being gang infested and a rough side to grow up in. To make it out of such an area and into the spotlight would later become the greatest story ever for him. Many fall trap to the environment that they are surrounded in but despite the violence happening around him, Chingy was in search of something far greater. He began writing lyrics when he was nine years old and began recording raps by the age of ten.

He had a dream and passion for music which ultimately led him right into the spotlight!

Chingy’s debut album Jackpot was released on July 15, 2003 on Disturbing tha Peace. The album included artists such as Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Murphy Lee, Trina, Jermaine Dupri and many more!

With multiple hits dropping, and Chingy’s name blasting through every radio station and club scene, fans were shocked when the artist’s music started to become less heard of. In 2007 he left Capital Records after feeling his music wasn’t being properly promoted. He returned to DTP Records, which was then a part of the Def Jam family.

Chingy released his fourth album, Hate It or Love It December of 2007 and featured artists such as Ludacris, Bobby Valentino, Steph Jones, Trey Songz, Rick Ross, and Anthony Hamilton. The album debuted at #84 on the Billboard 200, selling only 30,000 copies, making it Chingy’s first album not to make the Top 10.

Shortly after that, horrible rumors surfaced in the media about the artist. False claims that he had been involved with a transsexual were sprouting. Those rumors were spread viral by radio hosts without ever speaking directly to Chingy to get the facts on what happened.

In an interview with me on Starrdom100 Radio, Chingy stated that people were feeding in to the lies, even those who had known him forever. Chingy stated he was shocked at how many media outlets were jumping on the story without ever asking to hear his side.

 “I knew what it was, but I lost a record deal from that so it
really did affect my career, and it’s never been the same after that.”

Chingy mentioned that he watched his career deteriorate before his eyes so fast that he couldn’t do anything about it.

Despite the “individual” later coming forth and stating that the rumors against Chingy were false, it led to the downfall of his career and caused him to lose a record deal behind it. His fan base began to fall and the once loved artist was now facing a hard time with trying to hold on to believing in himself and getting others to believe in him again as well. Although some of his close friends returned later to apologize for believing the rumors, his mindset and feeling about what happened was never the same.

“The way to destroy any man is to come up with a lie that attacks his masculinity.”

Chingy since then has been steady in pursuit of what he has always loved to do which is produce great music. During a season in his life that could have easily brought any artist down to his knees, the talented St. Louis rapper has continued to drop music as an independent artist.

This year, he announced that he will be releasing a new album titled, “FreequenC.” Chingy stated during our interview that his music has evolved and the album will be touching down on serious topics that many will be able to relate to. Chingy stated that his new album is a reflection of him being free and more in touch with the energy within himself. He added that although the album shows a new side of him, real fans will still see and hear that he is still Chingy, the one we all fell in love with that brings the life and fun to every party with his music.

I’m super excited about this new album he is releasing and for anyone who has ever been lied on, or hated on, you should support this album! It’s not easy to keep chasing your dreams when people have the whole world believing a lie about you, so let’s support the album and bury the lies of the past! We know by checking the charts that Chingy still makes great music & that’s why I stand in support of this new album! Rumors should never replace talent!


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All Images: Fulldekk Music Group