Just recently, I stumbled upon Stephanie Yeboah on my social media and I within seconds of stalking her Instagram page, I couldn’t understand why I was just now finding out about her. I was completely left speechless. Her confidence shines from within and it’s obvious that her following adores her. Not only is Stephanie a woman that tackles different roles in life (she is a freelance writer, public speaker, plus size blogger) but the creation of her blog has helped women from all over the country in more ways than she could even imagine. Her plus-size blog titled, Nerd About Town has been in existence for over ten years and with each carefully written piece on topics such as feminism, body positivity Yeboah has encouraged many to love themselves for who they are. In this exclsuive interview with Sheen Magazine, Stephanie opes up about the inspiration behind her blog and why her mission to encourage plus size women to share their stories is so important to her.

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Steph and I am a 29-year-old full time plus size style blogger, freelance journalist, and public speaker from London in the United Kingdom!

How were you able to build up the courage to share your life with the world on the internet?

I’ve always been social media savvy, having been on social media sites like Myspace and Bebo since the age of 17 or so! I started my blog Nerd about Town when I was in University at the age of 19, and decided to start talking about things I loved at the time: skincare, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. Over the years, I decided to start talking about subjects close to my heart such as my struggle with self-love and mental health. I found that the more I shared, the more my readers could resonate with me and eventually I came across a community full of women who were also going through their various issues with self-love. It became cathartic to share my story.

What was your journey to becoming a plus size style and lifestyle blogger?

I lived in New York for a couple of months on my own and while there, I was exposed to a flurry of plus-sized women in the neighborhood, who dressed and looked absolutely amazing in their clothes. These women were so unapologetic in their confidence and it sparked to me ask myself why I couldn’t be like these fabulous women! I came back to the UK completely inspired and decided to start sharing my love of fashion with the masses.

What are your favorite brands to shop from?

Ooh, I absolutely love ASOS Curve, Eloquii, Pretty Little Thing Plus, Monki, and Navabi.

What has becoming a blogger taught you about yourself that you didn’t know before?

It’s taught me that I am exceptionally strong-willed. Blogging (especially when talking about something as niche as plus size blogging) can invite its fair share of trolls, and I have had quite a few of them over the years. I’ve taught myself how to disengage from the negativity and not indulge in the pettiness!

Being on the internet, you are bound to receive negative comments from people… how do you deal with that and not let it affect how you run your blog/social accounts?

Comments from trolls used to upset me, however, the way in which I deal with it now is either by blocking said troll or ignoring them (because they thrive off of attention). I try not to give non-constructive, negative comments the time of day because it isn’t a priority for me.

What advice would you have for those that want to become a plus size style influencer but are hesitant to do so?

We are in a climate where the definition of what ‘beauty’ means is slowly changing, and this is partly due to the work of a variety of influencers of all shapes and sizes. I would encourage plus-size women to share their stories and photos with the world, so others can see themselves represented within society. Get a website platform such as WordPress or Squarespace (or Instagram if you want to keep it to social media only), and start uploading content!

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All Images by Kaye Ford | provided by Stephanie Yeboah