Writer, Poppii King has a true gift for storytelling. Her recently released novel, Look What You Made Me Do is a story that relates to women all over the world. For those who have been sexually abused, assaulted, or may have just followed along the path of life’s journey. We got to know the author who was also a victim of abuse and was left in complete awe. Her passion and truthfulness made our time with her as authentic as ever. Through life, love, pain, and hope, Poppii has is and will continue to be an inspiration.

Can you tell our readers about yourself? How did you get into writing?

My name is Poppii King. I actually started writing in the fourth grade. I was doing poetry at first. There was a poetry contest and for some reason, I entered. I ended up winning, the poem was about ending racism and questioning why we all couldn’t just get along. After winning, it just made me want to write more. I started writing a lot of poetry and began winning a few poetry contests so it made me want to continue. Finally, I decided to write a book because I always loved to read. I started a book and in my head, I would see a movie playing as I was writing. I kept going and going and one day, I had a full book of poetry. When I was 14, I planned to publish the book but I lost it… I was so devastated but my art teacher thought that I was such a good writer and she bought me a new book. She asked me to write more poetry and at first, I was hesitant because I didn’t want to start from the beginning but I eventually did. It encouraged me to continue writing and that’s what I have done.

Do you mind giving us insight on your recently published novel, Look What You Made Me Do?

Look What You Made Me Do is a novel about a young woman, in the beginning she is raped and molested by some of her parents’ friends. Her parents are drug addicts so some of the feens that would come to her house would rape and molest her. From then, she grows up going through a lot of different things. Anywhere from being raped or physically abused. All these different events lead her to getting HIV from one of her rapist. She feels as if life is always kicking her down and she decides to get revenge by purposely spreading the HIV. Eventually, she meets another character is in the book that encourages her not to give up on life. She basically turns things around for herself.

Tell us about your campaign, IAMNOTAVICTIM.

IAMNOTAVICTIM is a campaign movement that I started. I, myself was a victim of child molestation and rape and I was able to overcome it. I always felt as if it is my duty to help other young girls or boys to try to overcome it. A lot of times, we just need that person that has been through it so that we can know that there is a chance to overcome it. One of the main things that allowed me to overcome this was not thinking of myself as a victim. When we think of ourselves as victims, it basically puts us in a place of suffering. I figured if we turn it around and looked at it as something that would give us strength, like I had done for myself, I thought it would help one overcome the abuse that they have endured. Right now, I actually have a challenge going on called, The New Life Challenge. It is a four week challenge that basically gives tips and motivational quotes to help those who need it to overcome what they have gone through.

What can we expect to see from Poppii King in the future?

Wow, in the future, you will definitely see more books. I just want to make sure that my books have a message. Also, turning this book as well as my others into a movie. I actually did a trailer for it and so the next thing is just turning it into a movie. I want to do so many things! I want to start a nonprofit organization to help as many people as I can. Like I said, I really feel like it’s my duty to help others so that is what I want to do while continuing to send messages through my writing.


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