Owner of Lavish Life Boutique, Porche Smith exclusively spoke with SHEEN Magazine to discuss her love for fashion and how she created a boutique that sets it apart from any other clothing store you’ve ever come across. With so many different routes to take when it comes to fashion, Smith’s line offers a true reflection the classy yet mellow entrepreneur. She sat down with us to discuss Lavish Life Boutique and how she plans on using her success to help encourage and inspire others in their goals.

What sets your boutique apart from others?

Most importantly, customer service. I feel like you always want to build a bond with the customer to gain trust. Secondly, the quality of the items. We want to ensure customers that clothing they’re receiving are very durable.

What is your definition of style?

My definition of style is expressing yourself through your clothing and standing out from others. I always tell myself, what you have on should define your personality.

How did you know becoming an entrepreneur was your next step?

I always had a strong interest for fashion and customer service. I’ve realized that I’m getting older and I should invest my money in something that I can carry onto my generation. I chose to open up my online clothing boutique because of my passion for fashion.

What advice would you give to someone that is hoping to begin a business?

I would say, do not be afraid to step out on faith, always keep God first. It may seem uncomfortable at first but just remain consistent.

How does your boutique reflect your personal sense of style?

Well, I have a classy and laid back style. With that being said, I love to have an exclusive look which is a reflection of my boutique.

What would you like your future to hold?

My future would consist of opening multiple clothing stores and encouraging others to start their own business. I also want to become a successful book writer. I want to inspire others on how to start their own business as well as an inspirational book for women.

We’re LOVING all Lavish Life Boutique has to offer and we know you will too. Take an exclusive look inside the clothing line below!

Be sure to check out Lavish Life Boutique today! You can connect with them on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

All images provided by Porche Smith

All images provided by Porche Smith