Since joining the kitchen as head chef last month, Detroit-native Chef Mike D’Angleo has sampled a lot of the fried chicken places in the area to get an idea of what people were getting from other establishments. At the Red Dunn Kitchen in the Corktown section of an eclectic part of midtown Detroit, Chef Mike wants it to be known, citywide, that no one does poultry and game like the Red Dunn Kitchen does poultry and game. Chef, along with their new publicist Jason Brown, hosted us to a tasting in the middle of an afternoon giving us a glimpse of the treats that await patrons.

There are so many good ways to eat fried chicken, duck egg rolls and everything in between, but here are five of my personal favorite additions to the menu at Red Dunn Kitchen in Detroit.

Fried Chicken –  a delicious spin a family favorite; this fried chicken is a breast-high drizzled with lemon-herb Michigan honey with chef’s own homemade hot sauce served with mouth-watering three-pepper-cheddar cornbread muffins and crispy fried Brussel sprouts.

Irish Pheasant Stew – a gut happy stew with Yukon gold mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, tiny pearl onions, sweet carrots, and Irish stout. 

Partridge in a Pear Tree – It doesn’t have to be cold outside to enjoy this delicious plate served two ways with lemon-honey glazed partridge thighs, cornflake crusted breast, red wine poached pear, pistachio puree and a tasty chocolate rosemary sprig for flavor.

Duck Spring Rolls – The tastiest Smoked duck wrapped in a crunchy confit served with a small bowl of chef’s homemade miso soup.

My personal favorite

Green Eggs & Ham, deviled eggs with mashed peas and a hint of spicy wasabi and broken pieces of crispy bacon set on top.

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All images provided by Darralynn Hutson