Powerhouse Naturi Naughton is a new mother, actress and making strides to make her dreams come true daily. Naturi is no stranger to struggle yet, she has persevered to becoming who she is today. After being in the R&B and Pop group, 3LW, which she was kicked out of, then taking on the role as Lil’ Kim in Notorious, she has remained strong throughout. As a star in the hit show Power, Naturi tells women to make sure they, “Stay present and never settle”, in the exclusive Sheen Magazine interview.

Congrats on the new baby! How does it feel to be stepping into motherhood? Walk us through this amazing time in your life right now.

I’m excited for motherhood! I feel so much more focused and in tune with myself, my body, eating well and taking good care of myself. Carrying a baby is not easy to do. I try to get plenty of rest. I feel excited about nurturing and bringing a life into the world. I can’t wait to have that experience. I’m feeling really blessed and have gotten so much love from Hollywood and my cast mates on “Power”. It has been amazing! I cannot complain.

I’ve been seeing it all over the blogs and you recently posted on Instagram that you are now a part of Alchemy Entertainment family. Tell us about that huge milestone.

I’m always thinking of ways to continue to grow in my business and in all that I want to do as an actress. I want to show my range as an actress. I love doing “Power”, however I want to do so much more than “Power”. Jason Barrett, the head of Alchemy, is who pursued me. He’s been in the business for over 20 years. He’s helped LL Cool J with building his brand and represents Zac Efron. I love the longevity and how they’re all about developing my brand and me. I think this venture of coming together with them is going to bring some new things to the table for me.

You’ve experienced a lot of adversity throughout your career. You were pushed out of the group 3LW, you received a lot of backlash from your previous role in the film Notorious where you channeled Lil Kim and before getting the lead role in Power, you were jobless for two years. You’ve had some seasons of waiting. What do you believe was the determining factor that catapulted your career to the next level?

My faith in God gave me the strength to go through those seasons of waiting. My parents have always instilled in me values of being patient and humble. There were times where I felt like I wasn’t good enough and times when I was really down. Lil Kim was giving me slack about my betrayal of the role in the movie “Notorious”. There were times where I felt discouraged and I wasn’t going to work again as an actress.

One of the things that I really admire and love about myself is my fearlessness. Part of that comes from trusting to sit back and wait and have faith. But then sometimes you have to take risks. When I did the role of Lil Kim, I knew people would be questioning it. You have to be willing to see beyond those criticisms. Even with “Power” I was nervous about being next to this powerful, strong mature man, Omari Hardwick, playing this sexual role as Tasha, but there’s so much more to Tasha than just sex. So it’s roles like this that help me be unafraid to take chances and overcome my fears. That is what helped me have this career that I am blessed with.

There are a lot of black women in the arts who admire you. What advice can you give to those women and myself?

Stay present and never settle.

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