Beauty expert, speaker, philanthropist, and author, Kim Berry is here to give us all the details on her new book, Diamonds & Curlz – 29 Years Rolling with Rock Royalty Prince.” Berry traveled the world with the legend and is ready to share her experience. In this exclusive interview with Sheen Magazine, Kim Berry discusses the life lessons Prince gave her.

Tell our readers about yourself. How did you get into the world of hair?

Well, my name is Kim Berry also known as KimBonSet. I was actually forced into the world of hair. I was sitting around the house after graduating from high school early. I told my mom I wanted to take a year off school which kids now are calling it a “gap year.” After a couple of months my mom told me I needed to either go to school or get a job, or else I had to get out of her house.

I went stomping up the street, mad, looked up and saw Pacific Beauty College on Crenshaw Boulevard, here in Los Angeles. I walked in and started talking to the director. Before I knew it, he had me sign on the dotted line. I came back home, threw the paperwork on the table, and told my mom, “I hope you’re happy!” Little did I know, she was pushing me into my destiny.

The course was a yearlong course, I joined in the middle of the summer, which I was super upset about. All my friends were going to Magic Mountain and Disneyland but I knew I had to knock it down. I finished that course in nine months, not missing a day. My teacher was super tough on us. I didn’t want to prolong my day by one day! (laughs) Every day, they asked me why I was there. I kept telling them that my mother was making me come. My teacher, Ms. Cooper kept telling me she was going to make me into a hairstylist and I didn’t believe her. Six months into it, I won my first hair competition. I beat out 200 other kids in California and that was when I began to consider that I could do this. It was just one test after another. All of these teachers, my mother included were getting me ready for the big league. Not even a year later, I was walking into the University of Prince Rogers Nelson.

After that, I was hired and wound up going on tour with Prince. It was an amazing journey. I traveled all over the world with him for 29 years up until the time of his death.

Credits: George Eyo Photography | Makeup: Shareen Gerald.

In addition to all things beauty, you are also a speaker, philanthropist, and author. What intrigued you to tackle all those titles in life?

Well, working around Prince. Him being one of the biggest entertainers in the world, I saw him make moves and help people. I saw him help churches that were about to lose their building, he was always buying computers for less fortunate kids, and musical instruments. He always told everyone that it was never about him, it was always about God. He always encouraged me to make sure that I’m always a giver. Growing up, my mother and father instilled that in us growing up, we always went to church, but your tithes aren’t just your money. It is also your talent, time, and anyway that you can give back because, in the big scheme of life, you know that its never just about you. Its always about what you do for God that will last for the world to see even when you’re gone.

Tell us about the memoir that is slated for an April 2019 release.

My book, Diamonds N Curlz is going to be about the wonderful journey and adventures that I was able to endure. I’m going to bring people behind the purple curtain and tell them about my experience traveling the world with one of the world’s most prolific artists. I’m so excited and I cannot wait to share my journey with the world and tell people about the man, the brother, the uncle, dad, husband, not the rock star Prince, the human being Prince that I laughed and prayed with.

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What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Well, like I said my book Diamond N Curlz will be out the second week of April. So be on the lookout for that in bookstores near you. It will also be available on Amazon and many other outlets. You can also visit my website. Not to mention, my hair extension line will be coming out. Before his untimely death, Prince and I were working on a product line so I will be bringing those gold carpet tools to the masses and bring that dream into fruition. I am going to make sure we finish what Prince started. He left behind a legacy and that has been our hashtag since he passed on #WhatPrinceTaughtUs. We’re going to continue the legacy, keep giving and doing what we’re supposed to do and moving forward in this thing called life.

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