Andre Cartlidge, A native of  Mayersville MS. Andre is 46 years old, and interestingly enough, he is a homicide investigator for the MS Highway Patrol. Andre’s goals are to one day get married, and start a family. Eventually retire from the highway patrol and he wants to become a well known model and to one day be on the cover of GQ magazine, and maybe eventually get into acting. His main goal is to be a role model for children and grown ups as well. To show them that anything you set your mind to do, you can achieve it.
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Outdoor Photo Credits:

Stylist: J. Bolin @stylistjbolin

Photographer: Cyndi B. @cyndiibee_


Black and White Photo Credits:

Stylist: Johnny Sledge @boss_sledge81

Photography: Charles Beason @Charles_beason