In a world ready to go under the knife to achieve sculpted beauty, more and more products have been popping up on the beauty market that will help you achieve that sculpted, fuller look without having to pay thousands of dollars for surgery. One of those popular procedures are lip fillers or lip injections that “fill” lips with hyalyronic-acid based fillers like Juvederm, Volbella, Vollure, and Restylane. Another popular method is with Botox, which doesn’t add volume to the lips but instead “flips” the lip outward creating the appearance of larger lips.

Most girls, like myself, don’t have an issue with our lips and thanks to new tricks and tips from the beauty industry (a.k.a. the Kardashians) we’ve discovered how to  line our lips so that they achieve the perfect pout every time, but I still wanted to see what all the fuss was about and if lip plumpers really make that much of a difference when used on natural lips.

JuvaLips, $129 – Amazon

Without having to spend hundreds on needles or surgery, I tried JuvaLips’ Natural Lip Plumper to see if voluptuous plumping trend is worth it. The JuvaLip device is a “safe and simple way to larger, more lucious lips” and results last for six to eight hours after repeated use. The device works by regulating vacuum to boost blood flow into your lips with out the use of topical acids or chemical injections. The “sucking” last 60 seconds and automatically shuts off, there is some pulling but no discomfort. You notice slight swelling, but it the initial reaction looks lips after a make out session with your significant other.

Top to bottom: Before, After, and With LipMatic’s Liquid Matte Lipstick in The Big Apple

Final thoughts? My lips are not in need of plumping or filling accessories as others, but we cannot deny that body modification has become a rising trend in the beauty and health industry well into the 21st century. Filling them in with a lip pencil and the right shade of matte lipstick definitely makes a difference (I used Destiny Jones’ Lipmatic Matte Lipstick in The Big Apple). The right angle to shade, line, and fill will leave you with that flawless makeup counter pout we all want to achieve. So, what are your thoughts? Would you try a lip plumping device or get lip fillers yourself?

The Big Apple, $16 – Lipmatic