Detox, Cleanse, Replenish!

Creme of Nature’s new Clay & Charcoal line is inspired by one of the most researched online DIY beauty treatments. This collection reaps all the benefits of DIY clay and charcoal masks and eliminates the guesswork out of the process with no mix, no mess and easy to apply products!

Here’s why I’m loving this hairline of amazing products!

Let’s start out with saying it smells absolutely amazing! I started out sectioning my hair into four sections and using the Clay & Charcoal Mask on my dry hair which I allowed to sit on my hair for 10 minutes as the instructions on the label stated. The smell is absolutely amazing for those of you who love products that smell great like me, and the mixture is a thick and creamy texture, which for me means that you don’t need to scoop out a lot of it to cover your entire head. For those like me who love to apply large amounts of a product when the mixture is thin, I was happy to discover that I didn’t have to use a lot to get the job done! Which means getting your money’s worth and long term usage!

After washing the Mask out of my hair, I immediately noticed my hair felt super moisturized and really soft! We all hate using a product that leaves your hair with a stiff texture after using it, but not with the Clay & Charcoal Mask, my hair felt silky to the touch! I also love that this product was not messy and did not stain my face or nails!

The shampoo and conditioner delivered similar results, with the shampoo leaving my hair feeling very clean, and I could easily feel an added amount of moisture as well! I didn’t feel as if the shampoo was stripping my hair of its moisture so that was a plus for me! The conditioner left my hair feeling soft and manageable, there were no tangles! Let me add that both left my hair smelling amazing as well! I tend to have dry hair and I was blown away at how light and moist my hair felt after using these products and I would recommend this hairline to all my lovely hairnista’s out there looking to have that soft, moisturized healthy hair feeling that you get with the new Crème of Nature Clay & Charcoal line!

What makes the creme of nature Clay & Charcoal Collection different?

This line is infused with a blend of Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Bentonite Clay, and Activated Charcoal, this collection detoxifies, removes impurities and softens all hair types, instantly leaving hair soft to touch and easy to style. It contains NO Mineral Oil and NO Petrolatum. Creme of Nature Clay & Charcoal is great for those who style with heavy products, conditioners and creams causing buildup in the hair. It will leave your hair feeling clean, scalp soothed and your curls defined!

What are the benefits of clay and charcoal as an ingredient?

Activated Charcoal is known for its powerful toxin-clearing properties. It is formulated to attract and effectively remove buildup from dirt, excess oils, styling creams, and gels. Bentonite Clay helps to restore the balance of oils in your hair while cleansing your hair and scalp. Rhassoul Clay reduces dryness, flakes and restores moisture to the hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar exfoliates and cleanses the scalp, balancing your hair and enhancing its natural shine. Aloe Vera is known to soothe and moisturize your hair and scalp promoting healthy hair growth. It controls frizz and adds shine too!

Here are the three  Steps for clean, defined curls

Step 1

On dry hair, before shampooing, apply the mask to the hair, section by section making sure to cover the full head. Leave on up to 10 minutes to absorb excess oils and impurities. Rinse thoroughly.

STEP 2 & 3

Follow with Clay & Charcoal shampoo and conditioner. Leave conditioner on up to 5 minutes. Comb through for even distribution. Rinse then style using your favorite Creme of Nature products.

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All images obtained from Creme of Nature