Black History Month is about celebrating our heritage, successes, and triumphs that make us magical. For the first time ever, AT&T will have the inaugural Dream in Black 28 list which will celebrate leaders and educate at the same time!

The notable names apart of this incredible project include Queen Latifah, DeVon Franklin, Terrence J, Zendaya, Khalid, Phoebe Robinson, and Van Jones. Each individual has time and time again, worked to inspire, uplift, and break barriers in the black culture. As the “Dream in Black Future Makers” they are now dropping their gems of success and right in time for Black History Month!

Zendaya and Queen Latifah share how they will continue to pave the way for the future makers.

    • Black History Month, a time when we reflect on the leaders of the past who helped pave the way for Black Excellence today. It’s thanks to these great people throughout history that this generation has more potential to accomplish their dreams than ever before. 
  • The Black community is facing a new generation of infinite possibilities, if you can dream it, you can do it.

“I want to say thank you to AT&T for having me on their FIRST EVER Future Makers list! Thank you, I mean there so many absolutely incredible people on this list that are doing such incredible things in the community and I’m honored to be even thought of, so thank you!” 

For more information on the AT&T’s Black Future Month celebration and the Dream in the Black 28, please click here.

Image courtesy Dream in Black