Who loves cake? Now don’t raise your hand all at once! Of course, cake is one of the top favorites around the world and no one is more excited about delivering amazing cakes and satisfying your sweet tooth crave than, Queneesha Meyers, known as the Queen of Cakes! She has been a baker in Albuquerque for many years, but she’s anything but the typical small-town baker. With her award-winning desserts, big bows and huge personality, she has gained national attention! She’s currently featured in a Food Network commercial and in the Wall street journal. People around the country know about Q’s Cakes! 

“I started baking when I was about 11 years old. My first recipe was chocolate chip cookies. In 2013 I was doing cakes on the weekend out of a commercial kitchen space when I got featured in a local magazine. Business took off, and that year I was named a top 5 bakery without having a physical bakery. I opened my storefront the following year in 2014.”

Who would you say inspired your love for baking?

My grandmother. I was at her house when I saw the recipe for the chocolate chip cookies on a bag of flour she was using.

Of course, I’m a huge fan of the famous red velvet cake and Q shared with me one of the cakes that every buyer just simply has to have.

What is the one cake you make that stays in high demand?

That would be the red velvet cheesecake. It was the cake that was featured in that magazine and it was chosen by Food Network for 50 states of Cakes for New Mexico.

The idea of my favorite cake married to cheesecake sounds delightful! So, of course, I needed to snag a quick recipe that we all could try at home. Busy moms and dads, I got you and the kids covered! 

Share with me a quick yummy recipe that busy moms or dads could whip up for the kids after school.

An easy recipe would be a quick chocolate mousse. Melt one cup of chocolate chips and stir until cooled. In a mixer, whip one cup of heavy cream. Once it’s at stiff peaks, stir in the cool, melted chocolate and enjoy. You can use it as a dip for fruit or pipe it on top of cupcakes too.

What special skills do you feel every baker should have in order to be successful?

Attention to detail is key because there’s a lot of science in baking. Also, you need to be creative. Find new and fun ways to decorate items because people eat with their eyes first. And lastly, never stop learning. I’m constantly watching videos and working on my skills so I can get better, faster and more efficient.

What upcoming events will you be taking part in?

We will be vendors at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in October. This will be our third year doing it. It’s the largest hot air balloon event in the world and we’re one of only a handful of local businesses participating.

If you are a fan of cake-like myself and you’re definitely busy trying to satisfy your sweet tooth or maybe you just want to nail a cake recipe…you can keep up with Queneesha Meyers on Instagram!

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