Carson, California native, Rashard Marshall is no stranger in the world of beauty. Son to a hairstylist and instructor, he was born with the talent and all the right attributes it takes to become a successful hairstylist, business owner, and entrepreneur. We caught up with Marshall to discuss the successful man behind all the beautiful looks we’ve witnessed over the years and what we can expect to see from him in the future.

Tell us about yourself.

Growing up, I was always stuck with my grandparents because my parents were too busy helping running the trucking company, so that’s where I received a lot of my business skills. My grandmother was a beast; she would make me pay the bills, write the checks and make a lot of her phone calls to teach me responsibility.

I had middle child syndrome, so I was wild and free but hid it well. I loved to party uncontrollably until I turned about 21, and I then started to look around me, and I saw that if I wanted to get my life together I needed a plan and needed it now.

I was working security at the time and checked into beauty school the next morning. From there, it was all business no play. After finishing my course at Marinellos, I did hair at my home for about three months. One day I woke up and had 10 people scheduled to come in, and realized I’ve outgrown my living room and needed to get inside a salon fast.

After working inside my first salon for nine months, I saw the bigger picture and realized I had to go to the next level.

I opened RVM salons with three additional locations and clothing store, a barbershop, and a twist natural salon. Ever since then, I haven’t slept a bit. I love to give back to the community, if it’s feeding the homeless, doing a giveaway for deserving moms, or just talking to uplift people I love to vacation but who has time to travel when you’re building an empire. 

What made you want to get into the beauty world?

I love the art of transforming someone and turning their dreams into reality. I love having the ability to make someone’s day and making them smile is an everlasting feeling.

Tell us about your businesses.

RVM Salons caters to weaves, extensions, cuts, colors, updos, weddings proms , and thermals styles. RVM Cutz is a barbershop that’s here for the gentleman who likes a chill cool upscale barbershop with today’s swag. RVM Twist is a natural salon for natural hair. It focuses more on natural styling, thermals, locs, dreds , braids and twists as well as weaving. 

All three locations are in the heart of Wilshire Blvd, in Los Angeles. I teach staff to always be professional , display amazing customer service and don’t be afraid to raise the bar. We operate 24/7 and we’re not afraid to travel. I like to keep yesterdays class with today’s trends. 

You use your salons to give back to the community and youth. Why is this so important to you?

In a world full of quick come ups, popcorn businesses, and social media, we forget the importance of helping others by giving back. I remember days where I wish someone would answer my call and give me advice and just help me out…. or just be there, so I promised no matter how successful I was I will always give back and help others in need. 

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Just new levels in my career. I’m talking television shows and barber colleges. I want to start foundations to help put people through school. Being licensed is so important, but knowing how and how not to is the critical thing. One day I want a kid to turn on the TV and see me and then say, “Oh I can do that too, so you can see EVERYTHING from me in the future.

For more, visit the official websites today! RVM Cutz, RVM Twists, and RVM Salons