Get ready because a great new wave is coming in the world of R&B. Project 2ONE5, a group from Philadelphia is a four-member group who have already got people falling head over heels for them. The young members, Mire, Tae, Dash, and Rizzy are here to bring a new type of vibe to the music industry while still incorporating the vibes of their favorite R&B artists

Tell us about yourselves. How did your group form?

We are an R&B group from Philly that worked hard from the muscle to get where we are today and we plan to go higher. We all knew each other in some capacity before becoming a group. Two of us went to school together and the other two used to be apart of a music program. Our manager put all four of us together and we just clicked! The rest is history.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your group name.

It’s raw and authentic because it’s where we come from: Philadelphia 215.

How would you guys describe the type of music you all put out?

It’s feel-good music. We sing from our hearts, souls, and experiences. We wanna touch people all over the world with our gift of music.

As handsome young men, you all clearly attract women from all over the world. Do you mind each sharing what your ideal dream date is?

Mire: Going on a date with Meagan Good would be my ideal dream date.

Tae: As long as a meal is involved, there is a nice view, and my date is trying to have a good time. She has to be funny and not weird because I’m a fun-loving person and I like to have a good time if you catch my drift.

Dash: My ideal dream date is whatever my significant other wants do. I just want to satisfy her and take every little step because the small things count.

Rizzy: My ideal dream date is a fancy dinner on a beach in Dubai.

What can we expect to see from Project 2ONE5 in the future?

We are releasing a new single “The Weekend” soon, leading up to an EP in the summer. You can definitely see us on the charts, red carpets, awards shows and more! #1 albums and more! We plan to be huge in today’s music industry and beyond!

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