“This song is about two people who may be denying their true feelings out of fear that they may lose what they have in the moment… True love is so precious and it needs to be appreciated and cherished during the moment and beyond…” – Chanel

“Waves” is another addicting follow-up single from Chanel Anna Nicole. The Detroit songstress is becoming a force to reckon with in the music industry. The video was directed by JDI Productions and shot in her hometown, Detroit, MI. Chanel is an avid songwriter, but the song was produced by Sean Rocket. The video gives you that old 90s R&B feeling, evoking nostalgia and will definitely be something to ride the wave on into the fall season with!

Where did the inspiration for your latest single, “Waves” come from?

Whenever I listen to tracks or beats, I vibe with the music and the music tells me a story. This sound brought me to a place where I saw two people uncomfortably in love with each other, but the love is inevitable. True love is just meant to be.

What upcoming music projects do you have on the way?

I will be releasing my first project soon. In the meantime, I’m always working on music and my team may drop singles along the way.

What message do you want listeners to gain from your latest single?

As far as “Waves” I want people to feel that they can love fearlessly and completely even if what you expected may not be ideal. Perfect love is never perfect, but it does make life worth living.

Check out the video below!


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