Are you ready beacuse Bravo’s Real Houswives of Atlanta is returning to television for the show’s 12th season! In addition to the exciting news, fan-favorite, Eva Marcille launched a CBD line called, cEVAd just two days before the return of our favorite television show! We caught up with Marcille ahead of the launch to discuss the exciting line, what viewers can expect to see in the new season of RHOA, and much more!

What can viewers expect to see in the 12th season of RHOA?

If you know anything about this group of women, you know we like to mix it up and have a good time.  Being pregnant this season, I really had no tolerance for drama or fighting, but I’m sure you’ll see some of that with the other ladies.  You’ll see a few of us really build our friendships, which is what I love about the show.  No matter how much we fight, at the end of the day, you’re going to see some really beautiful friendships come together. 

You are now a mother of 3! How are you juggling everyday life, your career, and motherhood? 

I love my little Sterling clan!  Having a baby is bringing some new energy into the house.  Marley and Mikey love their little brother so much.  The key to juggling it all is taking time for yourself.  I know it sounds crazy but in order to maintain your own happiness, you can’t lose yourself in any one area of your life.  Taking time for you allows for a little balance and focus, which makes you a better mom, wife and business woman.   

Tell us about cEVAd. What inspired you to launch into the wellness and beauty space?

I’ve always been very into natural healing.  Whenever I get sick or have aches and pains, I take a holistic approach, so CBD and the science behind it completely aligns with my personal beliefs.  I was inspired to create my own brand when I realized so few natural healing and CBD companies actually focus on women of color.  With my platform, I knew this was something I could help remedy.  

photo courtesy of cEVAd

Are there any upcoming projects you could tell us about? 

This season, you’ll get to see me in my new role at the Ricky Smiley Morning Show, as well as filling in at Dish Nation.  I’m really loving both of those roles.  Earlier this year, I also launched my own home décor line.  Along with those, my commitment will be to making sure we’re bringing a natural, healthy alternative to women out there who really need it.  cEVAd is about getting people to commit to a healthier lifestyle and that is one of the most important projects I’m taking on so far. 

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Featured Image courtesy of Eva Marcille