Fashion lovers experienced the ultimate retail therapy session at Impact Garden, a sustainability and wellness charity event held at Madison Square Garden. Presented by REBUILD Globally and spearheaded by supermodels Heide Lindgren and Angela Lindvall, it aimed to utilize fashion to help bring an end to poverty.

Upon arriving, guests were greeted by Lindgren and were able to partake in the Global Fashion Exchange, which was operating its famous clothing swap.

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A sense of calm permeated throughout the arena as Lindvall, glistening in all-white, kicked off the event with an hour-long yoga session. More than 100 attendees lined the courts lying on rainbow-colored yoga mats, following what Lindvall called an ancient form of yoga that utilized the physical and subtle body.

As the relaxation session came to an end, more guests filed in for the marketplace, which featured 15 artisan brands from around the world, including Haiti, Kenya and Afghanistan.

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“Through education and job training programs, we create a pipeline to employment in the fashion industry,” said REBUILD Globally CEO Julie Colombino in a news release. “The launch of Impact Garden is a global game changer. It is a catalyst for industry leaders and influencers in the fashion industry to join forces and support social businesses that are propelling an ethical fashion revolution.”

Notable appearances included supermodels Kelly Bensimon, Alina Baikova and Ubah Hassan, and former NBA players Larry Johnson and John Starks, among others.

The guests were able to shop for various handmade bags, fair trade alpaca sweaters and jewelry sourced from recycled bombs dropped in Laos during the Vietnam War.

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