Christian recording artist and worship leader has surely made a name for his self in the music industry! You may remember him on NBC’s hit show, The Voice as he completely stunned many with his powerful voice. This past summer, Evans starred as Beast in the Disney production of “Beauty and the Beast” at the Hollywood Bowl and his first book, Unexpected Places takes readers on the journey of his life growing up in the spotlight at church. In this exclusive interview with Sheen Magazine, Anthony Evans opens up about his new project and what his experience on The Voice taught him about himself.

Can you tell our readers about yourself? When did you know that music would become such a big part of your life?
Well, I am a worship leader and an artist and I do quite a bit of things outside of the box. In Hollywood, I do a lot of production, vocal production for different television and film. That’s kind of a nutshell on my work perspective.

My first boss in the music industry was Kirk Franklin, I sang on the road with him for four years. I think it was during that time when I was watching him work and saw how he carried himself; I was taught the experience and 24-hour day we spend off stage versus the one we spent on stage. That was when I realized this was something that I wanted to pursue myself.

You’ve had over six studios albums but can you tell us about your current album, “Back To Life”?
The album was actually birthed on three concepts. That is honest; vulnerability, and transparency and how they have brought me back to life. If you go to a doctor’s office and you have an issue but you’re not clear on the issue or can’t be transparent about what is going on then they can’t treat you until you tell them the truth. I believe that a lot of times, the way back to life and the way back to health; emotionally, spiritually, and physically is when we are honest with God and the people that he has placed in our lives. When we’re honest with them that is the beginning of our journey.

That was how this album came about, it was me being honest with those around me, who love me and that brought me back to life.

Can you share your experience being on NBC’s hit show, The Voice? What was it like being on Team Aguilera and working with such a powerhouse?
You know, it was crazy. That was season 2 and now they’re on 15 so it’s been a while (laughs). That was the beginning of a whole new experience. Two things happened that were pivotal on that show and both were off camera. The casting director of the show threw her pen down and stopped me when I was auditioning and I thought to myself, “Yo… she doesn’t really like what she’s hearing” but she goes to ask, “Why are you 30 and I’ve never heard of you before?” I thought that was crazy because my perspective was very narrow because all I knew was what I had been doing and I never tried to go outside of my box. As I got to work with her later, she opened my eyes up to see what I was capable of.

My coach was Christina Aguilera and mentor on the show was Jewel. They are obviously artists with different music but they sat down with me and Christina shared that while making her second album, she decided to come out with songs that were way outside of what people were expecting of me. She thought that in the same way that she did that, it was exactly what I needed to do. Jewel echoed what Christina said and said being I was on the tip of the iceberg because she wanted to resonate under the surface of me. She wanted me to be honest with where I was so that the audience could be broader.

Those are the things that propelled me into a whole different trajectory that I wasn’t on before the show. I loved being on the show and being able to go back to the show to work was amazing.

Tell us about Unexpected Places.

Unexpected Places is a book that was birthed out of me being able to look at that. I had a publisher come to me and initially, I thought they were trying to come after my dad and my sister through me. I was like “Mmm… what do y’all want?” (laughs) They heard me speak on stage and they told me I had a story. They wanted me to step outside of the box and look at all the things I’d learned. I was propelled to do it because I thought about the fact that when people in my life decided to be honest with me and share their truth, it was impactful and encouraging to hear what God has done in their life. It gave me the courage to walk out his plan. I’ve experienced a lot in my life to give back, I don’t want to keep it to myself, especially if someone else can use it in their life and find the courage to trust God.

Do you have any plans to perform on Broadway or any other musical theater bookings?

That is so funny to me because one of the many things that have happened to me here in Los Angeles that have allowed me to step outside of the box is being cast as Beast in “Beauty and the Beast” at the Hollywood Bowl along with Zooey Deschanel, Taye Diggs, they just threw me in with all these A-listers and I have never been asked this question so much in my life because people thought that I was from Broadway when I came onto the stage (laughs).

I’m actually meeting with people now who are helping open those doors for me because of what happened after the show. Everyone had amazing reviews from the show! To answer your question, yes I’m open to it and we’ll see where that path leads!

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