The illustrious Meagan Good shows us how, with a little self-love and faith, anything is possible.

Meagan Good’s faithful walk has guided her career through the often turbulent and finicky Hollywood landscape. Her success, influence, and talent only continue to grow, and if the past two decades have taught us anything, she’s not slowing down anytime soon. While living her best life and knowing her journey didn’t evolve overnight, Meagan’s life proves that with self-love and faith, any goal is achievable. No matter what, she continues to push forward, being the illustrious woman she is – always aiming higher, knowing she is not alone, and that the love within her is a shining light.

Let’s throw it back. It’s the late ’90s when cable television had the best range of go-to offerings of perhaps any time period (you know it’s true). The channel is set to Nickelodeon, and you hear that catchy theme song y 702. This might have been your first introduction to Meagan, who played Nina on Cousin Skeeter, just one of the many classics she’s starred in, but it didn’t take long for Meagan to make a name for herself.

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