Earlier this week, we lost a literary genius when Toni Morrison passed away late Monday evening from complications of pneumonia. Toni Morrison was 88-years-old.

A brilliant author, Morrison became the first black woman to receive a Nobel Prize in literature for her best-selling novels, essays, and children’s books. In addition to that, she was also a professor emeritus at Princeton University.  Her novel, Beloved won the Pulitzer Prize in 1988.

“I know how to write forever. I don’t think I could have happily stayed here in the world if I did not have a way of thinking about it, which is what writing is for me,” Morrison said several years ago. “It’s control. Nobody tells me what to do. It’s mine. It’s free. It’s a way of thinking. It’s pure knowledge.” – Toni Morrison.

After the devastating news let out, many celebrities took it to social media to remember the author’s life and legacy.


Rest easy, Toni Morrison.