Hip-hop fans all over the world is in love with Remy Ma and Papoose’s relationship. Over the weekend the two celebrated their wedding anniversary and took to Instagram to share messages that will have you in tears!

In the video below Remy shared a few pictures of her and hubby together throughout the years.

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Her husband…He’s happy having her home, having her heart. Helping her. Honoring holidays, holding hands Unconditionally unified. Understanding, uplifting undying. Sincerely sentimental. Savoring sensuality, simply since she’s so special. Been battling burdens: Bars, barbed-wire, badluck but best believe bondings by blood break blockages & bring blessings- babies being born Amazing accomplishments Achieved accolades -ANOTHER anniversary !😍 Nurturing… Nobody never needs nothing Deeply dedicated. Dearly devoted. Dependable. …Daddy = HUSBAND💋😉I love you forever @papoosepapoose #HappyAnniversary #AnniversarySlaughter ☺️ #BlackLove #MerryMackieHoliday tomorrow on @VH1 9pm EST #RemyMa

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Papoose followed her post with another heartfelt video saying, “Thank you for being my wife. It is within that moment, I was allowed to become a husband. Thank you for being honest. It is within that very moment I learned the definition of truth. Thanks for challenging me. It is within that moment that I was able to dig deep, become inspired, & gain self discipline. Which equaled loyalty ( C+D=L) In life we don’t remember days we remember moments & my every moment with you has been splendid. It is you who made me a better man. Trials, tribulations, ups, downs, obstacles, all overcame in the name of loyalty. On this day we commemorate our anniversary. This day proves we passed the test. That is the test of time! As Time waits for no one. I assure u this is only the beginning. Many more joyful days peaceful/fruitful nights, special occasions, & moments to come. Happy anniversary baby girl! Sincerely yours Papoose Mackie #blacklove.”

SHEEN congratulates Remy Ma & Papoose! 

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