Who is Martina Tisdell? Well, we’ll tell you! She’s a real estate agent in the upstate area of South Carolina, an entrepreneur, and now author! She’s not only self-driven but she’s also determined to succeed in life and leave her mark on people. We caught up with Tisdell to discuss all the details on her exciting new book!

What made you want to get into the world of real estate?

Honestly, HGTV (laughs) and just not getting it right the first time. I know I can speak for a lot of adults that may go to college and realize that what they’re going to school for may not necessarily be what they’re passionate about. The trial and error process is what led me to find my true purpose in real estate. Of course, watching it on television made it look so easy! It’s not as easy as it looks on television (laughs) but I’m so happy to come this way. Being a people person, helping others, and having a love for homes just went together so perfectly for me.

Tell us about the release of your new book, House Pour. what inspired it?

My first book book, House Pour will be released on Monday, November 11th. I feel like I’m as capable as a millennial who may be out there trying to figure out their career, buy a house, or basically just figure life out. The book will definitely inspire others so that’s what inspired me to write the book.

Why is it so important for you to release this book?

Again, I really just wanted to motivate people in general to follow their dreams. In the book, I talk about how I got into the real estate profession and how I ended up buying my first home. I know that’s what a lot of people aspire to do so I believe through my journey and seeing how I did it, will inspire to do the same. I just want others to know that anything they put their mind to they can do it. This is just a look into my personal journey and how I did it.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

The book of course will be released on November 11th on Amazon. I’m super excited for that. I’m going to keep selling homes here in the upstate area of South Carolina but I’m licensed for the whole state of South Carolina so I will just continue in my career and try to help as many people as possible. I hope the book does well, I feel confident that it will. I see myself writing more in the future. I’m also excited to say that I will be apart of a film that will be produced here in the upstate called, Tools. It will be coming in 2020 so I’m excited to add actress to the rest of my titles.

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