Ready to Love, is a dating series from Will Packer Media and Lighthearted Entertainment, which explores the real-life dating interactions of grown black men and women in their 30s and 40s who are each looking for lasting love and an authentic relationship. Ready to Love highlights the men’s observations and experiences in their search for true love in Atlanta. The series is hosted by Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles of “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.” It has been said by many in the Atlanta area that the women outnumber the men and it’s hard to find a good man in the city. I had a chance to catch up with Reva Stout who is a cast on Season 2 of Ready To Love to find out the scoop on her experience with the show as well as what the dating scene is really like in Atlanta!

What has it been like being on Season 2 of OWN’s Ready to Love? Working with Will Packer?

Wow this experience has been huge actually. I’ve learned a great deal about myself. One thing you have to realize is that this is not a normal situation by any means, so to put myself in a posture where at times I have to be open and transparent to the world was a bit scary and challenging, and even had me questioning myself during filming like Girl what the hell were you thinking??? But hey I’m a G so I got through it. Lol! When I initially met Will Packer my heart dropped as he’s an amazing man. I was like “Ok this is really happening right now” I was truly grateful.

After years of marriage and now divorce, what qualities are you looking for in a spouse?

I was married for 11 years now divorced for 11 and it’s so funny thinking back on what you deemed important now and then. I so enjoyed being married and pray it’s in Gods will that I will be again. I’m definitely a family girl never been the serial dating type hence why this journey has been so difficult. Of course as you get older your perceptions of Love and what it takes for relationships to really work change because you’ve gone through some things, you’ve lived and experienced hurt. What you believed love to be in your 20’s is completely different than what you believe it to be in your 40’s. Whew thank God for growth hunny! I am a nurturer and at the same time a very strong Alpha woman. That’s all I saw in my mother growing up, then I joined the military and my sense of womanhood became heightened. Some men look at that and automatically think I’m one of those “I don’t need a man” folks. No, no, no see I definitely need a man. I know it sounds cliché’ but I need that homie, lover friend. Someone who can pour into me and encourage me you know? Keep me on my toes, pray with me, cry with me, and laugh (A lot) with me lol! Because I’m goofy as hell.

What’s next for you in the upcoming months?

My daily prayer is that HE orders my steps so hopefully a lot of Favor and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Whew! Y’all tune in!

How would you describe the dating scene in Atlanta?

Awe man I have to be blunt and say the dating scene here in Atlanta sucks. I tried to jump out there a couple times in the 5 years I’ve been living here and I ran home every time with my tail tucked. Like I don’t wanna play no more! I’m taking my ball and going in the house. Game over! It’s pretty sad. Most guys here, their mentality is way off. You have those guys who feel like they can buy you OR you have the ones who feel like you owe them something. I honestly don’t understand.

Now you also own a salon, what services do you offer and what inspired you to open it?

So the Spa is called Reverie (Rev-er-rie) which means to daydream, escape from reality. We offer anything that has to do with esthetics i.e. facials, detox, massage, waxing etc. I was inspired simply because I like to make people feel good physically as well as just feel good about themselves. Self-care is self-love!

Being on a show like Ready To Love, what has it taught you about yourself and what you are looking for when it comes to love?

Being a part of Ready for Love has actually been very eye opening and changed my life in a sense. It’s changed my way of thinking and has taught me that it’s ok to step out of my box and force myself out of the dry normality’s I’m used to. Being on this journey has been… well, a lot of things. Definitely emotionally driven at times but I wouldn’t trade it because it pushed me to the very place I’m in now. Just stay tuned! For me it’s pretty simple. Honesty and Empathy. I feel like if you truly love someone your whole objective is to keep a smile on their face. Granted so many things tie into that like compromise and sacrifice but those things should come natural because you want your mate to be happy and if that’s unbiased and totally reciprocated you can’t go wrong. So I simply want someone who wants me to be as happy as I want them to be.

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