I’ve always had oily and acne prone skin so over time I have tried countless cleansers to fight breakouts and have found some winning cleaners but have never found a moisturizer that I didn’t stray from. When I was given the opportunity to try Subtle Green’s Vienne Moisturizing Cream, I had to give it a try!
There’s a process in choosing the moisturizer for your skin type and skin problems on the Subtle Green website. First, choose your base with a collection of natural oils based on your skin type Dry skin, Oily/combination, sensitive etc. I chose the oily/combination base with race bran and jojoba oils. Then you choose a collection of enriching ingredients to build on your base. Because I have acne-prone skin, I chose the “tackle blemishes” collection that includes Rosehip seed, Pumpkin seed, Cranberry seed and Kukui nuts. The Subtle Green website also lists the healing skin properties for each ingredient and I learned that Pumpkin seed aids in the skin turnover process revealing smoother, brighter skin sooner. The last category I chose was “scars be gone” to fade stubborn dark marks from past acne battles.

The moisturizer is pricey, $61.95 to be exact, but the way it made my skin, feel I would definitely invest! The moisturizer felt like a luxurious cream that wasn’t too heavy or too watery and didn’t weigh my skin down with the oils. The formula was PERFECT for my skin type and over the past few weeks I’ve seen small improvements in my skin (combined with a few other skincare changes I’ve made). I’ve started to limit my use of the moisturizer so that it lasts longer and I don’t feel as guilty for spending such a pretty penny when it’s time to replace it.
Create your own combination and you won’t regret treating your skin!