Real Housewives of Atlanta, has been a fan-favorite phenomenon for over eleven seasons. Week to week, viewers have an opportunity to watch some of their favorite industry artists up close and personal, in their living rooms. The show has cast a strong group of women, along with some new faces!

Tanya Sam is more than just a cast member, with a background in technology and a champion for diversity. Sam tells us she believed that showcasing diversity on the show is very important “in order to be more representative of Atlanta. Furthermore, I think that it is important to give all our views.” Sam is definitely sharing her views in every possible way!

With personal stories and opinions being shared on the show does allow spicy drama! Leaving many viewers to speculate- is reality TV really real. For Sam she says, what you see is what you get.

“There are no scripts, very little instructions and you are on there to really be yourself and for viewers to follow your everyday life!  Producers and a camera crew show up to help capture that. It is very much about what you have going on in your daily life across a long period of time.”

While the trailblazer is filmed on the show for periods of time, streamlined together in minutes for viewers, Sam is hard at work with her background focused in medicine and technology. An occupation that she was introduced to from close family members. “My mum was a nurse and my father and sister were both surgeons so going into nursing was a very natural trajectory for me. When I started my undergrad degree in Genetics & Cell Biology my intention was to do medicine but I wanted to be more on the people-facing side, interacting with the family dynamic, so I chose nursing. I love nursing! I specialized in hematology-oncology and worked bedside for over 10 years. It’s fast-paced and your days are always filled with excitement and good people.”

With years of nursing under Sam’s belt, she decided to take the next step and turn her passion into profit. “One day I had an idea and started working on building a smart beverage company that was designed to increase your focus, attention, and memory. As flexible as a nursing schedule is, I realized I couldn’t manage running a business and being in the hospital at the same time so I took the crazy leap to go full time in my business.”

While Sam does have great experience in the medical field, she also took her talents into finance. She serves as the director of Partnerships at TechSquare Labs and cofounded BuiltxWomen, a business accelerator for women entrepreneurs. Through this avenue, she is able to “build some amazing businesses that we are passionate about. We feel strongly about helping to lean in, lift up and educate others; in particular women, people of color and underrepresented communities so that they can build successful companies and in turn create wealth for their families, create more jobs and repeat the cycle.”

Whether appearing on a reality show or helping someone being their own dream, Sam stands true to her own words.

“Women are fighters.  Especially women of color. We are warrior queens that know what it is like to bear the weight and keep moving, one foot in front of the other. That is the definition of what entrepreneurship is, can you keep going when things get heavy? Because let me tell you, entrepreneurship is so hard and heavy and certainly not for the faint of heart.  Women do this every day in raising and leading families.”