The beauty world did a whole 360 degree turn this year with the release of Fenty Beauty. Not only was the beauty line inclusive, makeup lovers all over the world gushed over the amazing quality of each product.

With the release of Fenty Galaxy holiday collection and lip paint at Sephora, Rihanna and her Fenty Beauty team are hinting that they’ve got a few more surprises up their sleeve.

What’s next? Check out this teaser.

Obtained from Rihanna | Snapchat

Even though the brand has yet to officially release any news, we’re guessing by the badgal‘s sneak peek that something is in the works.

Shortly after the sneak peek was posted, the beauty space quickly buzzed over what the product could possibly be. Is it eyeliner? Is it lipstick? When can we expect it in stores?!

Well, one things for sure, Rihanna NEVER disappoints. SHEEN and the rest of the beauty world is on the look out for whatever is coming our way!

Featured Image: Shutterstock