Emerging R&B singer “Ki” is carving out her own lane on the music scene under management at 6x Entertainment. Her soulful voice and music delivers powerful nostalgic sounds. With her new upbeat and much-anticipated upcoming single, “Knock it Off” ft. Tia P. in the works, the singer states that she is focused on creating music people can relate to, yet still have fun with. Like a lot of R&B singers, Ki started singing at a young age in church.

“When I was younger my mom would go to choir rehearsal and naturally I began to pick up on the songs and their different vocal ranges.”

In our interview with Ki, she speaks on her latest single, her plans for her debut project, and much more.

What sets you apart from other artists today?

What sets me apart from anyone, not only artists is my creativity. I’ve never been the type to follow a person or their trends just because its what’s popping and that’s what makes me Ki! When I’m writing music I like to write about stuff that’s not normally talked about or I like to put my own spin on it and do the opposite.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments in the last 12 months?

My biggest accomplishments in the last 12 months have been moving on to my junior year of college and musically it has been finding myself in writing/creating music and being blessed with management by 6x entertainment.

Tell me about the new music you are currently working on.

I am constantly working on music. With 6x Entertainment, I am working on releasing and shooting a video for my upcoming single, Knock It Off. And with my dad, we are working on writing and recording for my future EP.

How does it feel to see your dreams unfold in your music career?

It is still early in the stages of my music career taking off, and I am already in love. Every behind the scene step that is taking place keeps me wanting to know every little detail, and how I can help push and thrive with this dream in any possible way. 

What role did networking & connections play in helping to get you where you are now?

When people say “it’s not always what you know, its who you know” it’s absolutely true and I’ve seen it first hand. My dad used to work in the music industry, so when I decided to pursue the music path, it amazed me how almost ten years later those relationships with top people were still there. Its lead to well-known artists listening to and critiquing my music, and even having experienced engineers to mix my tracks.

Who have been some of your musical influences in the industry?

My musical influences come from all over but some of the main ones are Aaliyah, Beyonce, Babyface and rap as a whole. They all play a large role in the way I create music and how I want to portray my image. 

Describe the experience of working with 6x Entertainment and your label mates.

6x entertainment doesn’t make you feel like just another artist, it makes you feel like you’re a part of the family and they have my best interest in mind. Also, the other artist makes you feel comfortable like we are all in this together to help each other grow not like it’s a competition to see who is the best.

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All images provided by 6x Entertainment