Taria Pritchett is a powerhouse Confidence Coach that helps women slay their goals in love, life, and purpose. Her fierce “real-talk” style of empowerment motivates the inner BOSS in millennial women from all walks of life. Her strategies help women and girls to succeed and live life with confidence.

Her Fierce Brand has landed her to be spotlighted in the Huffington Post, recognized as one of Delaware’s top 40 Influencers Under 40 and most importantly has impacted the lives of thousands of women for the better.

Taria shares gems daily in her popular group “Unleash Your FIERCE Squad.” Here are some powerful “level-up” tips the awesome confidence guru recently shared in an interview with Sheen:

Make Building Confidence A Daily Routine

When it comes to building confidence, just like you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth, do your hair, and get dressed, you do it every single day. . . confidence is the same way, it’s something that you have to constantly be putting into practice every single day. If not it could be very easy to feel powerless, if you go out into the world and somebody says something negative to you, it’s very easy to feel small, or to shrink yourself or be afraid, or to live in fear because you haven’t built up a strong enough confidence muscle. Just like when you go to the gym and you work out, it’s the same thing with confidence, just like we physically do stuff in the world we have to mentally, spiritually and emotionally build that muscle up every day so that we have a foundation to rest on.

Taria’s Black Girl Magic TED Talk

Use Repetition For Empowerment

Ensure that you have a daily confidence routine if it’s a mantra or just standing in the mirror saying “I love myself” over and over again. Repetition is very key when it comes to building up that muscle for confidence and power. We’re all made of energy, everything is a vibe. You are responsible for the vibe you give off. Have an affirmation, read a scripture, etc. Whatever method you choose make sure you repeat it two or three times a day.

Get The Knowledge Required To Thrive

Confidence is simply you building your knowledge about a certain subject. Whether that’s about you, whether that’s about something on your job. . . in order to build that confidence you have to have the knowledge about it. Maybe that’s you getting a mentor to help you cut that learning curve, maybe that’s you reading a book on something, that will help you feel more confident because now you have more knowledge on a certain topic. If you yourself are the focus then that means you need to do more self-reflection activities that are going to push you toward the understanding of yourself a lot more than you already do.

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