If you’re a fan of the Rush Hour movie franchise, then you’re sure to enjoy actor and comedian Justin Hires’ performance as the lead role “Carter,” in the new CBS and Warner Bros television remake.

Hires’ role as an arrogant black LAPD officer with little interest in a partner was inspired by Chris Tucker’s character in the original film.

The fresh face actor said he followed the series growing up and appreciates the opportunity to show off his comedic craft.

“I was a fan of Rush Hour [and] it’s a dream job for me because I’m a comedian,” he said.

While it may appear the 29-year-old is an overnight success, he emphasizes these opportunities are a direct reflection of years of his relentless work ethic and drive, noting, “Those moments when I wasn’t doing anything, I would do any and everything to prepare myself.”

He has nearly a decade worth of experience in acting and stand up, initially hitting the scene in Stomp the Yard and The Gospel, while attending college at Clark Atlanta University with the assistance of fellow St. Petersburg, Florida-native, producer William Packer.

Since his debut, Hires’ accomplishments have continued to unfold. He has landed roles in 21 Jump Street, Comedy Central’s Key and Peele, and MTV’s Disaster Date, and Jerks With Cameras.

These achievements, he believes, could not be possible without his unwavering faith in himself and his talent. In fact, Hires’ faith was put to the test after he was offered a 5-year contract with a major network right out of college, which he turned down to pursue his acting career.

“I turned down a contract with a major network straight out of college to move to L.A. [and] a lot of people thought I was crazy,” he said.

As his success continues to blossom, he hopes his triumphs in Hollywood will act as a beacon of light for more up and coming minority actors.

“I just want to provide an opportunity for more diverse content out there in television and film,” he said.

Rush Hour TV series debuts March 31st