With the release of Nappily Ever After this past September, Netflix produced an intimate sit-down earlier this month with its star, Sanaa Lathan and her bestie, Regina Hall, to talk the big chop, what hair really means to black women, and the problem with fairy tales.

If she (Sanaa) was afraid to shave her head:

Sanaa:…as I kind of delved into the character, into the script, and really thought about what hair means for us as women, as black women in this culture, I knew that I had to do it.

On the (problematic) childhood messages about hair:

Sanaa: From the time we’re little, little girls, even with our doll, with commercials, with advertising, we’re taught that hair equals beauty.

On the entertainment-industry pressure to have straight hair

Regina: Maybe in auditioning I would feel it. I wore, like, weaves ‘cause I wanted to be able to work out and still be “pretty.”

Sanaa: One of the things that we, um…in this industry, don’t really have to deal with as much, is the whole idea that, somehow, braids, natural styles, dreadlocks- are not considered professional

Check out more of the sit-down below!

Featured Image: Shutterstock