Young, ambitious, and on the move! Rising YouTube influencer, Sarah Washington, often known as Dripgloss TV has quickly made a name for herself in the online world. With thousands tuned into each of her hair tutorials, she has captured the hearts of many for her sweet personality and amazing ability to slay in all things beauty. Tune into our exclusive interview with Dripgloss TV as she dishes on what started her beauty channel and fall hair trends this season!

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

My name is Sarah Washington. I’m from California and I’m 18 years old enough though most people think I’m 12-14 years old. I’m very girly and I love helping girls feel beautiful.

You’re all about hair on your beauty, when did your love for hair begin?

I am all about hair and beauty, I wasn’t always this way actually I used to get bullied and people tried to make me feel as if I wasn’t beautiful when I lived in the valley. When I moved to Los Angeles my self-love began because there’s so much to be inspired about in Los Angeles. I began expressing myself through my hair and have always been known for “The girl with the pretty hairstyles.” 

What made you want to start your beauty channel?

What made me want to start my beauty channel is when I started blowing up on Instagram, getting millions of views on my hairstyle tutorials; girls would DM me asking me to make a YouTube channel. It’s not something I cared for until I started getting hundreds of girls telling me how much I inspire them and help them love their hair. And also they love my personality because I’m not all dry and stale like a lot of other influencers. So I made a YouTube channel and within 2 months I was at 100k subscribers, which doesn’t happen for everyone so that really helped me take it seriously.

Sheen Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide for the Modern Day Woman, what are your holy grail products?

My holy grail products are just eco styler, Murray’s beeswax and a brush and comb for my edges. A lot of girls request to know what I use but that’s literally all I use for hairstyles.

What do you think the hair trend will be for the fall 2018 season?

I feel that the hairstyle trend with be all about the buns and ponytails. Topknot buns, slicked high ponytails and even half up half down hairstyles. A hair color that’s trending is a honey brown hair color that I might even try myself

Tell us something about yourself that most of your subscribers don’t know.

Something about myself that my subscribers don’t know is my age, I am 18 years old but I just let them believe how old they feel I am. Because I feel like this can help me in the long run with movie roles, commercials and etc.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

More exposure, expect to see me in commercials, a print model, and maybe even hosting award shows (laughs). The sky is the limit.

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