Selling it in the ATL reality star Chrishena Stanley, is a realtor who found her passion for real estate after moving to Miami post-graduating college in New York when the Miami real estate market was crashing.

There is no denying that black women have a negative association with being a reality star. However, Chrishena believes her character is genuine and by staying true to who she is, she will not fall into that category.

“I can only be myself so hopefully by being myself, I debunk those negative stereotypes. I just think that there are so many genres of reality television. Black women are so strong, confident, intelligent and I think that we’re very resilient. We definitely push to get our points across, work harder, be smarter to gain success and respect so hopefully that shines through,” said Chrishena.

Although Chrishena is a professional in her field, she admits that her personal style and professionalism can coexist and remain tasteful at the same time.

“I always thought there was sexiness in sophistication. You can always be work appropriate and be sexy; it just depends on how you wear it,” said Chrishena.

Chrishena 2

As far as maintaining a youthful glow that women of color are known for, Chrishena admits that coconut oil is always the way to go!

“Coconut oil! It is great for your skin, and your hair and your nails and everything, so I got the big huge thing at Costco (laughs)! I don’t even know how to cook with it, I just rub it all over. I used to have eczema so I do anything to keep my skin moisturized. It is cost effective too! There are so many great home remedies; cucumbers under the eyes, olive oil, coconut oil and all these things that you can get over the counter that people have been using for years,” said Chrishena.

Chrishena prefers the natural approach to beauty and doesn’t believe you have to pay a pretty penny to feel beautiful, but at the same time, she loves her MAC cosmetics products.

As far as influence, Chrishena always has her career in mind and she knows that she is a force to be reckoned with in real estate.

“I aspire to be the next Barbara Corcoran. I think what she did with her business was absolutely phenomenal. People take for granted that she started in the 1970’s so it’s a long process. It’s a journey, it’s not a destination, but she’s rocking it. I’m going to be rocking it too (laughs). I am rocking it!”

Selling it in the ATL makes Chrishena marketable and she views it as “an hour commercial on national television to showcase my talent.”

With or without reality television, Realtor Chrishena knows that by having a genuine, unique and passionate character, she will be successful.