She’s a woman of many hats. She’s a mother, a singer, songwriter, author and many more. But to us, she is the true definition of black girl magic. Ezina LeBlanc captured our hearts the second we spoke with her. Not only was she a breath of fresh air but we could instantly feel her passion and sincerity to empower other women. In this exclusive interview with Sheen, Ezina gives insight on her upcoming album, Glambitious, what it’s like being a serial entrepreneur and shares her experience when she held the title of Miss Black USA!

Can you tell our readers about yourself?

Well, my name is Ezina LeBlanc and I am a singer, songwriter, and author here in Los Angeles. I record R&B music mixed with sacred chanting and I also write inspirational self-help books.

What is it like being a mother while being a serial entrepreneur?

Oh my gosh! Being a mom while being a serial entrepreneur, you really have to get your organizational skills together! It’s really tough if you don’t have a system. When my little boy was born, I was kind of juggling a whole bunch of things and feeling a little stressed out. Once I finally got together a system that worked, it’s been nothing but smooth sailing since then. As a mom, it’s just in our nature as women to multi-task but when you have people counting on you as a woman with many hats, you’re organization skills have to be tip-top. I learned really fast to master Google Calendar. Everything goes in the calendar, if it’s not in the calendar, it doesn’t get done (laughs).

How was your experience as Miss Black USA?

You know, Miss Black USA was an interesting experience for me because I found out you could win scholarship money by competing in pageants. I competed in pageant after pageant to get scholarship money and I was able to finance my entire education with that. When I won the title of Miss Black USA, it was totally different because there is no pageant hopping every other month, it was an incredible honor to travel across the United States and to represent young women who are out there in the world doing things. My platform was post-secondary education. I was really going into the underserved community to promote how important it is to get your education, stay in school, go to college, and all the opportunities that afford you with a college education for people who are extremely underserved. So, that year was incredible. I got to go to all 50 states, visit governors and meet senators all over! What made that incredible was that I was able to talk to them about education from a young person’s perspective and some of the changes that I wanted to see within the country to open up education for everyone. That was a great honor; I even got to go to the White House to speak. It’s so interesting because you see pageants on television and people always make fun when the girl is nervous and may not be as eloquent when she answers a question but the women behind the crown and the women competed are very educated, they’re focused and excited to see change and evoke change in the world. Miss Black USA was an incredible honor, it was a great opportunity for me to travel all over and represent my home state of Michigan and college-aged women who are out there trying to do things in the world to affect change worldwide.

When did you know music would become such a big part of your life?

I’ve always known. My parents were always trying to get me to put music on the side burner. My family always pushed me to go to law school to become a lawyer but for me, music was always my calling. I went through the motions for my parents, I got my degree, I did a year of law school and I finally said, “Enough.” I dropped out of law school, moved to New York and went to Julliard. From Michigan to New York City was a gigantic move. I just knew at that point that there was no turning back for me. It became my full focus. Music never left me.

Can you give our readers insight into your music? What is it that you want your listeners to gain from your music?

I really want people to be inspired. When you listen to the music that’s out there today, you hear negativity. I feel like there is a small percentage of schools that are inspirational. Those are the songs that you will remember, for example: “Wind Beneath My Wing,” “I Will Always Love You” big ballads like that that are inspirational. I decide musically, I wanted to shift from R&B and love songs to songs of inspiration. What I want listeners to get from my music is healing. At the end of the day, it’s all about healing and even though songs like I said with the negative lyrics still provide comfort when people go through times of trouble. I want to give people a soundtrack that’s inspiring that people can listen to when they’re working out, drive, etc. The basis is healing. Healing and happiness are what I want people to gain from my music.

Tell us about your upcoming album, Glambitious?

I’m so excited about the album! It’s interesting how the Times Up movement and all is happening now but I started writing Glambitious about five years ago. It just never seemed like the right time to release it. It’s an album about female empowerment, being proud of who you are, your ideas and pushing them out there in the world. All of the songs are about being a positive person and going for your goals without any doubt or second guesses. I felt like musically, there is no real soundtrack like there where every song inspires you to get out there and make it happen. I wrote Glambitious for all the women out there (and men) who are out there moving and shaking to get it done.

What can we expect to see from Ezina in the future?

Lots of movies and books! Glambitious is a book, movie, and an album as well. I’m just excited because it is the first project that I’m putting together that’s all three. In addition to Glambitious, I have been a few movies that will be coming out (I can’t really talk about them yet) so, you guys will see me in movies and also in a television series which will come out next spring.

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