Everyone needs a friend that’s a go-getter. They motivate you to be your best, they help keep you on the right path and most importantly their drive and ambition to succeed is like a shot of good energy. They are ready to conquer the world from the moment their feet hit the ground to the moment their heads hit the pillow. A go-getter sees the good in you and they don’t mind helping to bring it out of you. Those are the ones you keep in your circle because those are the ones who will help you reach the top and not because they want to get there with you, but because they want to see you reach every goal you have set for yourself.

“When you pursue your passion, you are never drained. You are joyfully obtaining your purpose”, says Annette Morris founder and CEO of Goal Getter. Goal Getter derives from an actual Goal Getter, someone who is adamant about setting goals and reaching goals. Morris birthed her company on those principles and set the focus on helping businesses through consulting and coaching. With a background of working with youth through non- profits, Morris answered her calling for ushering entrepreneurs into business ownership. She believes that “It’s important to answer your calling. You never know what is on the other end of the call and if you miss it, you miss out on the opportunity. My calling is helping others and I have successfully built my company on building others up and helping them to follow their calling.”

The New Orleans native recognized a need in the community for aspiring business owners to learn proper structure and business development skills. She says, “I saw that a lot of our people who are going into business recognized their passion and their calling, but they don’t know how to structure and run their business and I saw there was a need for someone to come in and teach them how to structure and sustain their business because most people will start the business and won’t keep the business.” Born into humble beginnings, Annette witnessed things during her childhood that caused her to set her mind on things above so that as she grew up and became a mother, her children would not have to endure those experiences, she says, “I wanted to shield my children from that environment and show them differently. It was important for me to grind so that they could have a better life. I wanted them to see me hustle and work hard for something that was my own.” Molding and shaping minds is what led Morris to become an author of two books; Creating the Streams to Live Your Dreams and Conquering the eneME. Helping others is not a purpose for everyone, it requires you to give a lot of yourself for the sake of others. It requires time, dedication and selflessness. The life of a Goal Getter is not for everyone. 

What motivated you to start Goal Getter?

I got started doing business because I felt like it was God calling me and telling me that I needed to start one and that this was the time. At one point I was mentoring and working with teens and children providing social skills training under the umbrella of a nonprofit. I was a supervisor for a social service agency where we had teen camps and God said that it was time to work wholeheartedly with my nonprofit. I started consulting other businesses and building up the brand. Taking classes allowed me to be of more service to my clients to be able to show them the right direction to take their business. I wanted to be knowledgeable about the information that I was providing them so that they could effectively operate their businesses.

How important is it for women to discover and follow their passion?

It’s very important because we as women are the driving force in the household. We determine how the children are raised and we motivate our husbands to pursue his dreams and to keep going. In order for us to do that, we can’t get exhausted in order for us to play that role effectively. When you pursue your passion, you are doing it because you love what you do. In order to be in a good space and be able to provide physically, mentally and spiritually for the family you have to follow your passion. You have to be able to go after the things in life that you dream and want. You can never have a fulfilled life if you aren’t going after the things that matter to you. You can’t be any good to anyone if you aren’t doing the things that bring you happiness. Going after your passions will help you to be a better you.

Its Women’s History Month, how do you help other women excel?

Like any other woman, I have had my share of experiences, some good and some bad. I have had women come to me and tell me how much I have been an inspiration to them, and I have had women who wanted me to be intimidated by them and my response is always, “there is room for everyone. You can’t take what God has for me and God won’t suddenly give what he has for me to you.” I’m always willing to help us women move into positive directions because that’s what we are supposed to do. We have to learn that it’s ok to be a motivator to each other, that you don’t have to shoot the other down in order to be lifted up. We are supposed to uplift one another and treat each other with kindness. We are supposed to lend helping hands and be a resource to someone in need. I enjoy watching other women succeed in reaching their goals and watch them set new ones.



Photo credits: Saylor Photography